Half the burden lifted

I bet it must have been a torture seeing her video everytime you click into my blog. I’m here to save everyone. What an irony. I put up the video. -_-

Anyway, we submitted our 2nd project today! I was in such a good mood today. Even though I was late for school, I happily took the bus. Good start to the week. I cabbed to school too many times in the past weeks. Tsk. People become broke from buying too much. I become broke from cabbing too much. Reasonable or not?

Lecture was especially interesting. Not. But I copied notes. And then while we were queuing up to bind our project, the librarian came by to stop us from talking. Can you imagine the printing room filled with 20 students and they are so silent the only sound you hear is the photocopy machine go *zap zap zap* and the lights from the machine flashing??

Machiam ghost show. Freaky man.

Oh ya. My lecturer pronounced Oakley as Oxley. Uber -_-

After school, we had our focus group. It’s erm… well… nothing to say about it. It’s all for the Market Research project. Oh ya, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends who have helped me in doing the survey. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have made it such a success. *waves hands and fake cry* Thank you so much!

Damn. So corny.

I have nothing to blog about actually. Only trying to move down the previous post so it doesn’t show on the main page.

Oh and Madcow started work liao. Quite sian lah cos I was used to seeing him after school everyday. Now that he’s started work (at HDB Hub. Toa payoh, mind you!), it’s gonna be hard to see him everyday. Plus, I still have projects and exams to worry about now.

Madcow had such a hard time going for his interviews at prisons and CMPB. He was so close to getting his dream job. Haiz. Blame it on timing man.

Baby, do your best in your current job (since you’re getting SO much! HA!) and then re-apply for prisons after your contract ends k? Jiayou!

By the way, missed Casper?

I went to turn those 1-dollar machines and bought this toy pacifier for him. He couldn’t hold still with the pacifier in his mouth so I had to grab him. Otherwise he would be at a spot happily chewing his new toy.

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