I hate the friggin’ weather!!

There’s no longer anymore comfort in this world. Nothing! Especially when you live in Singapore. How can anyone wanna come here for a vacation? YUCKS! KILL ME! Or send me off to South Pole first.

So damn hot humid and irritating.

I’m like sweating cows and sheep now while typing this. But I can’t use the fan because of the stupid flu.

Fan on = flu never gets better.

Fan off = sweat and complaints never stop.

So how?

Makes me wanna cut my hair REAL short. Like a bob or something. And trust me, when the weather turns cooler at year end (I hope), I will definitely regret it. I’m not gonna touch my hair. I have to remind myself that.

I’m starving. But Madcow’s watching soccer. =( Shall just wait for it to end in probably another hour.

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