1 down, 3 to go

Been really really busy. I’ve absolutely nothing to blog about except about the agony of studying. So I thought I probably should leave my blog to rest for a bit.

I’m quite clueless now actually. I have no photos to post, nothing interesting to talk about and absolutely no mood to resume revision for the next 3 papers. I went to bed at 3.30am this morning, only to fall asleep around 5am, and then waking up at 7+ to prepare for exams at 10am.

So the last I remembered, I slept at 3, 4 or even 5am almost everyday for 1 week because I was studying for the paper today. It was definitely A LOT of information and formula to memorise for 3 chapters.And yeah, my brain functions better at night.

But I was glad those that I remembered more clearly came out. In fact, the paper was exceptionally easy from what I expected. I forgot one particular formula which came out in one of the questions. End up, the formula I anyhow bom-ed was correct! I just put in the wrong figures. -_-

Oh well…

I’m pretty excited about the family BBQ tomorrow. Went to meet Mum at Sheng Shiong after exam to help with the groceries shopping. I’m gonna bring Casper along tomorrow to East Coast. Woohoo! At last, he has the chance to breathe some fresh air. I feel so bad for cooping him at home while I study.

Oh oh! Did I mention I lost weight despite eating non-stop the whole day? I get very hungry just after 2 hours of dinner. I snacked all sorts of food, from Hello Panda to Egg rolls. Guess the stress just made my stomach digest food faster. Ha!

And and… Exams make me broke (and break out)! Can you imagine how much I spent on online shopping in just 1 week??? OMG. But the only consoling factor was that I bought those on sale. Ha. But still, the accumulated damage… enough to make my bank account bleed. And about the break out… My face speaks a thousand words. 😦

I’m tired. But I wouldn’t want to sleep now (6.40pm) and end up waking up at 4am doing nothing.

I just trimmed Casper’s fur for abit at his paws. Must look nice when I bring him out tomorrow ma. Now he looks like his paws are damn tiny and poorly struggling to support his big bulky body above.

Madcow happily playing mahjong. 😦 I guess abit of mahjong makes my brain work faster. Haha. My girls, can you hear my screamings for mahjong?? Eve? Kerrie? After Nov 10!!

I’m kinda blogging randomly. Just remembered about Evelyn’s 21st birthday party we attended some time last week. Photos up at facebook.

Stole my very own photo from my facebook because I don’t have the soft copy in this laptop.

Hmmm… What else happened?

I guess that’s it. I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with new photos of Casper!

One thought on “1 down, 3 to go

  1. wa piang ya lo` the first paper freakin easy can no theories at all.. except for the first 3 true/false questions… -.- a bit sian diao lol.


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