Exams finally over!

Another late post. -_-

By right, exams ended on 10 Nov. But oh well. I was simply too lazy.

My girls, scream with me. FREEDOM!!!!

For those who haven’t finished their exams yet, JIAYOU!!!! It’ll be over in no time.

Oh ya and my group got a HD for one of our projects. Wahahaha! At least something to be happy about since the rest weren’t as good.

Anyway, the first thing I did after exams was to get Mabel to save my nails. They were OMG scary. I had to get a manicure no matter what.

I suddenly think I should keep my nails long since I don’t have to write anymore for at least 2 months. You know the pains of having long nails and writing exams notes at the same time? Those nails were practically digging into my palms.

So I usually file them short and endure till the exams end.

The morning of my last paper, I called and booked an appointment.

I reached slightly later than 5.30pm. The moment Christine saw me, she went “RACHEL! Very long never see you leh!”

And then we became so 3-8 and went chatting away. I kept complaining about my exams and stuff. She was attending to a Malay girl who happened to be doing the nails I did the last time I went. Exactly the same colour and pattern.

This was what the Malay girl did. Exactly the same lah! Haha.

Then Mabel came out and God was I glad to see her.

Mabel, please save my nails, I told her.

Haha. She looked through and told me “Your nails very cui leh.”


Then Christine who was just beside asked “So what you want to do today?”

I told her I wanted something hong hong lie lie. Ha.

And I got this. =) Happy!

I counted the number of layers of nail polish. 8! EIGHT! Freaking eight layers of paint on each finger. I sat there to blow my nails dry for about 30 minutes or even more. I couldn’t remember. I was waiting for Madcow to come anyway.

So he came and we went for dinner at My Mum’s Cuisine @ Paragon.

Bloody plate of chicken rice cost $10.50. But damn it. It was GOOD! Though I still wanna try the one at Chatterbox.

This was Madcow’s Ipoh Hor Fun. I didn’t really know how Ipoh Hor Fun should taste since I haven’t eaten more than 3 times of Ipoh Hor Fun in my life. Ha. I guess it was ok. But the mushrooms and prawns were juicy and damn good. I like it!

And then some freak accident happened. I tried to open the wet tissue packet and I kinda opened it the wrong way. My left nail scraped my right. And there was a really ugly dent. Luckily I could just go back to Mabel since I wasn’t far. And luckily they haven’t closed yet. So she once again saved my nails. Lol!

I’ve found yet another person who can psycho me to shop other than Wanjun *big grin*. That’s none other than Mabel. She told me she bought clothes from this Korean shop at FEP that so happened was on BIG sale. All at least 80% off. And those clothes were imported from Korea. Even the shop owner was Korean.

She told me their clothes were initially crazily priced at $100+ at least! And now, the t-shirts were going at $10 each! Blouses were at $30 and dresses at $50. I seriously agree they were way overpriced for the t-shirts. Whoever buys a tee that cost $100++? Bebe doesn’t even sell that expensive. -_-

So she bought almost $200 worth of sale items from there the previous day and she brought me there after they closed their shop. I spent $60 bucks on really useless things (now that I think back). She spent another $30.

See what kind of a damage she brought me?

Oh well. I could have controlled myself. Ha. Never mind lah! The tees were quite cute though. Bought 3 tees, 2 belts and 1 sash. All at $10 each.

The new sash on my head and new tee that I’m wearing.

I got home and found other online purchases in my mail! YIPPEE! I was thrilled! LOL!

Retail therapy immediately takes off half the exam stress. Manicure takes the other half. Ha!

I shall end off this with a photo of the stylo mylo hairstyle I created for Casper a couple of days ago.

The Mawhawk style.

3 thoughts on “Exams finally over!

  1. did you cut ur hair or it styled in a way it feels the hair is short?
    but i think u look good in short hair my dear!

    n pertaining to ur meal in my mum cusine … hmmm .. 1st ever time i hear someone praise their food haha. they r overpriced and so not delicious leh. chatterbox is gd but i tot e nearest one over in lucky plaza is gd enuff as well!

    n i love love love loy kee hee!


  2. To kerrie: haha i very long nv win le leh. but didn’t expect to win the most today. haha! next time play again 🙂

    To Nana jie: u refering to which photo my hair shorter? haha i think i cannot suit short hair leh. the ends will qiao if i cut short. 😦 but too long also hard to take care.

    then i think my mum’s cuisine really overpriced la. but the chicken rice was nice though. haha. i agree that lucky plaza one also nice! but i don’t like loy kee. tried once and didn’t like it. maybe that time i suay lor. ate the not nice 1.


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