Spending like water

That’s how I’m leading my holidays now. It’s shameful. OMG. I can’t imagine I just did my nails again yesterday. I did it while waiting for Madcow to end work. Every minute was every buck spent. Tsk tsk. Stop spending, Rachel. Stop.

But anyway, I initially wanted to just get a pedicure done. But I thought since Madcow wouldn’t be that early, I should sit around at Mabel’s for a bit and might as well get my hands and brows done too.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with my brows. I should have sticked to my usual beautician since Mabel’s was more of a manicure place than a beauty salon. Oh well. 10 bucks wasted. My beautician only charged me 8.

Chocolate Mousse

This time, I toned down a lot. Just went with a single colour for my hands and feet. I wanted to get a french but again, oh well. Was kinda influenced to get a more ‘mature’ colour due to the noise level in the shop by a group of 5 O level students preparing for their prom. Reminded me of mine. Wow their energy level was… Active. Yet roudy. Kinda annoyed.

Mysterious dark red. I like.

Chatted with Mabel and Xu Jing (who did my brows) at the back. Gossiped a bit about the younger girls. Ha. And while Mabel was done with my nails, I sat and waited for them to dry, at the same time, waiting for Madcow.

Oh. Did I mention my phone is dying on me??? Only 7 months of usage. But I kinda expected lah. It started showing signs 2 months into using it but it wasn’t that big an issue so I thought I could delay its servicing. But now, I die die must get it serviced. I am not receiving every smses sent to me!! Madcow said the windows registry could have gone haywired. Everything is lagging really bad. The task bar doesn’t show. Applications hang. The list goes on…

I even thought of getting a second hand phone as a spare. See lah. Sell my old Nokia phone, end up now no spare at all. The worse is, no one else at home has a spare either.

But aiya. Recession leh! Cannot spend anymore.

– – – – –

I heard news that a friend’s dad passed away. I wouldn’t have done my nails if I heard it earlier so I could offer more to her family. But then that was a different story altogether.

It just set me thinking. Growing up means no longer depending that much on mum. Growing up means I’ll have to face more life-changing events like weddings, babies and death, without my mum around to help me.

I hardly remember any funeral wakes that I’ve attended, except for my cousin’s 7 years ago. The last I remembered was probably too young I didn’t know what death was about. Neither did I know the practices of giving the deceased family a sum of money. Up till now, I don’t even know what amount I should give to my friend’s family. I don’t have much. So I could only fork out that little amount which I hope it helps.

And for all I know, this might happen to me some day. Who to call? What to do? Where to get the services?

My sister has already attended a fair share of weddings and funerals. But she still doesn’t know what she has to do when such things happen, especially having someone leaving. Her friend’s mother passed away about 2 months ago, and recently her father passed on too. It must be difficult, especially when she has a wedding planned at the end of the year. How do people cope with all these separation?

Perhaps through one of these life-changing events that I will grow up. Or at least be more independent.

3 thoughts on “Spending like water

  1. To Kerrie: hahaha i nowadays rot at home!! my hp giving me lots of probs lor. wait till i get my phone fixed. hope wont take too long!!

    To Aly: Hi, I did my nails at The Nail Status. Address is provided. =)

    14 Scotts Road Far East Plaza #04-83
    Tel: 68362005

    Opening Hours:
    Mon – Sat: 11am – 8.30pm
    Sun, Eve of P.H. and P.H.: 11am – 7pm

    Look for MABEL if you want! =)

    I’m a member there so I can’t really remember how much they charge for non-member services. Mani I think is 20. Pedi is 30. But member you pay 38 for both mani + pedi =) hope this helps.


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