Rach is awesomely bored

I sleep till 2 or 3pm every single day despite setting alarms at 10 or 11am every single day. LOL! The person who invented the ‘snooze’ function have totally failed in making its purpose.

So anyway, I was bored so I played around with my photos of my nails taken last time.

And came up with a simple collage.


I have been watching lots of TV serials online recently. Be it new or old.

I’ve finished:

1. Ten Brothers

2. Hot Shot 篮球火

I’m currently watching loads of Taiwan varieties.

1. 百万大歌星 (having the Don’t Forget the Lyrics fever)

2. 我猜我猜我猜猜猜

3. 娱乐百分百 (omg xiao gui is so cute!)

4. Some other random varieties if I come across

I’m also currently watching/selecting new serials.

1. 原来我不帅

2. Gossip Girl (Leighton Meester is so hot! Kinda surprised why I wasn’t attracted to her in Season 1.)

I’ve randomly re-watched a few serials here and there.

1. 命中注定我爱你

2. 转角遇到爱

I think that’s about it. Will kinda randly watch random movies when I have the time. =D

OMFG I can’t believe I just blogged in this manner. SOOOO kiddish!!

Don’t blame me for being bored.

PS. Results gonna be out soon. I have my fingers crossed. =X

PPS. Madcow dislocated his arm in a netball game yesterday. Some girl knocked into him so hard that his shoulder dislocated. Freaked me out when he told me he was in the hospital. That girl. Don’t ever let me see her. Bloody hell. Didn’t even say sorry! He’s on MC till Wednesday though. Heh!


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