The log in took forever!

This morning, I was sleeping really soundly when I received phone calls and smses from the girls telling me results had been released. I didn’t expect it to be that early (about 10am) since the school said it would only be released at 5pm that day.

I literally jumped out of bed to turn on my laptop and log in-ed to the results website.

God! The waiting time and staring at the loading bar at the bottom right corner was agonizing! I couldn’t imagine I actually prayed while waiting for the page to appear!

I navigated my way to “Academic History” and clicked on my course.

That’s it! I was so dead.

2 distinctions for MR and BB, and 2 credits for DC and OB. I could have gotten a distinction for DC too. It was only 2 more marks! And the paper was REALLY easy. But I guess the project did pull us down quite a lot.

I was just glad it’s over. Finally. Kinda motivated to get a HD next semester. I don’t know how I can do it but I shall try. Maybe I should submit a little coffee money along with my exam script. *smirks*

I met Madcow for lunch at West Mall Sakae Sushi. We dine there so many times we should get a loyalty card or something. And the interesting thing was our bill came up to $33.33 after discount. Ha.

Then it was food digesting time where we dropped by the arcade. Or rather, I was dragged in by him. He got so excited when he saw this old school game.

I did some shopping around West Mall. I just told myself I could do with a bit of self-pampering. =)

But we ended up doing grocery shopping instead. -_- So uncle auntie lor.

That’s all. I was only trying to say I’ve passed this semester. 1 more year to the degree.

Jiayou, girls! =)


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