Because Tuesday is half price waffles day!

Any idea what my title is refering to?


I wasn’t craving for Gelare waffles. But Madcow and I planned to meet yesterday and it struck me it was Tuesday so we should have waffles. The nearest from his work place was at FEP.

We had dinner first at Yoshinoya and had to digest a bit before proceeding to Gelare. During the digestion period, I bought shoes. Two pairs some more! On impulse, of course. Because they were so freaking cheap!

10 bucks per pair!

I’m not a fan of pumps but I’ve always wanted something gold. Haha. And I saw this. And it’s 10 bucks!

I’m not a fan of covered shoes either. Be it pumps or sneakers. But this pair probably can match a dress I own. And it’s so pointy. I like pointed shoes. So… yup. Lol.

OMG. I’m so full of excuses reasons.


I couldn’t imagine the number of times I told myself that this week. But I couldn’t help it when I see the SALE word.

I also have a few expected parcels in the mail.

Besides, it’s Christmas season again. Gotta get the Takashimaya vouchers from my mum soon. =D

By the way, about the hair issue, I thought since I had such long and messy hair, I should not get rid of it. Instead, I should enhance it.

It’s a good thing I didn’t make a hasty decision to stride into a salon and snip those strands off. I discovered a new way to curl my hair in less than 20 minutes. Shiokness!

I guess that shall save me some money on setting my hair at salons for any weddings in future.

Oh and my camera has gone bonkers. The date and time speeds up on its own. So it’s as if the photos I take today seemed like they are taken in the future. Pissed me off when I have to adjust the date and time each time I have to take a photo.

I wrote in to Sony last night and they called me back today and explained to me nicely about the issue, saying it could be due to the memory that lost the ability to store the date and time. The conclusion was it would be better to bring it down to have it checked.

I will have to bring it down asap before my Genting trip on Christmas day.

Why do I see money with wings above my head??


4 thoughts on “Because Tuesday is half price waffles day!

  1. To Vanessa: Ya!!! Another 2 pairs hahaha. I’m officially broke. And no space for more. But I shall make space somehow. LOL.

    To angie: Hi, it’s kinda hard to tell you in words. Ha. Erm. Let’s just say it takes lots of practice. I’m trying to get it done within 15. Oh ya! And I don’t use a curler. I use a flat iron =) Hope this helps.


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