Random doodles

Was out with Mum this noon at BP Plaza. Had to get Casper’s food. The last scoop of his previous was his breakfast. If I didn’t get it, he would have to starve.

Was kinda pissed with mum’s actions and attitudes. It was as if the whole world owed her money. Wait. I’m kinda similar to her in this case. Step on my toes and you’ll get it. So I kinda quarreled with her in public over something really trivial. She pissed me off, I told her off.

She wanted to treat me to something nice, say, Jack’s Place. But my tummy wasn’t feeling ok since last night. I told her not to waste the money since I couldn’t feed myself well. She gave me the “I don’t know how to appreciate her good will” face and started nagging about us, children, not having the parent’s heart.

Excuse me, Mam! Me having really bad tummy pains and there you are complaining about me not appreciating. Me totally not in the mood for any good food. She also went on complaining about me walking really slowly and stuff.

One thing I hate about going out with her. I’m too slow for her. Never once she walked slower than me. What’s the point of walking so fast when ultimately you still have to wait for the bloody train? Can’t you just walk slowly and enjoy the scenery and fresh air for a bit? Life is short.

Oh. Talking about “life is short”, I almost wanted to shut her up with a “life is short, stop asking me to do things I don’t like” (in this case, go to church and start being all so devoted to the religion) when she started on the religious talk. Don’t even get me started on it here. It’s just pissing me off so much I swear I almost hate being born in this family.


But all was fine when we finally settled for lunch. Kopitiam it is. No steak for the weak stomach.

I wasted half my lunch. My mum then helped me finish it since her serving wasn’t that large. I was literally clutching my tummy in pain. No effing idea what caused it.

After lunch, it was random grocery shopping time. And then she wanted to get a drink. She had a coffee while I sat and waited.

It poured very suddenly. Just like a turn of my head and back and there, it was raining.

It got me thinking about a lot of stuff.

It’s forever the same issues. It’s the current and the future thingy.

*pause for 5 minutes*

I am officially blanked out at this moment. Totally lost whatever I was thinking to write about.



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