I’m back!!

It must have been the longest hiatus I’ve had.

I had an awesome time bonding with my friends and family and having some me-time for this holidays.

I have photos. Lots of photos! The poly mates met up on the 20th for lunch. Then it was Kerrie’s 21st birthday on the 23rd. Then the family dinner on Christmas eve. Plus, Genting photos! OMG. Photos later though, I promise.

By the way, time to get a new camera.

My camera was diagnosed with an incurable disease. She (I just thought my camera should be a ‘she’) needed an organ transplant. But getting the transplant was way too expensive – exactly the price of a new camera. So I thought I should just get her back from the hospital and use her till her very last breath. But it would be troublesome to have to adjust the date and time everytime I have to take a picture.

Can’t wait for CNY. Ang baos!! But recession ain’t pretty. I got a feeling the amount will be lesser this time. But I still gotta save up for a new desktop and camera if possible. It’s times like this people succumb to the unavoidable reliance of technology. I cannot not have the computer. I cannot not take pictures. Oh gosh. How boring can life be without IT?

– – – – –

20 December 2008

Right after the previous dinner, Alvin organised a next gathering because Effie extended her stay in Singapore and Samuel was coming back from France for the holidays.

It was such a good catching up with them even though we just met not too long ago. Lol. But it was just good having friends around especially during festive seasons.

Effie suggested eating near Kampong Glam where there are lots of eating places since we met up at Bugis. And there we were, at this eating place called Minang, at Kandahar Street.

The food was good. The ambience was lovely. The price was totally friendly to non-working students like me. =) Just that most of the items were spicy and we had quite a few who couldn’t take spicy food. Lol. I shall not mention names alright, Samuel, Weihan, Hakim and who else huh?


The really yummy and super cheap food.

Plus, the service was really above my expectations. The staff purposely arranged the tables because we were such a big group. It was sweet to see how accommodating they were.

I can’t help but laugh at the thought of how the girls and guys were separated. It wasn’t done purposely I guess. But you could tell from our faces halfway through lunch that the other side of the table were all army talk. The girls just occupied ourselves with food.

Who knows 5 years later, the guys will start talking about investments and politics while we girls talk about child birth and parenting. Haha.

After lunch, we went back to Bugis for some final photo taking before some of us leave for our other appointments.

My mum looked at this photo and commented, “You are the tiniest in your class” and then I replied, “I wasn’t always the tiniest. Back in primary school, I was taller than some of my friends. I just stopped growing after that.”


The girls. We just needed Syahriah and Carol to make this picture a complete one.

Like this one.

The girls back then. Picture taken back in the poly days. Ignore the date on the photo. It’s wrong. Haha.

Oh goodness! Nostalgia again!

And the guys.

Thanks for the gathering, you guys. Hope you guys had a very merry christmas! And a Happy New Year!!!

– – – – –

23 December 2008

Put 6 narcissistic girls together you get tons of pictures. I couldn’t possibly post up all of the photos we took for the night so I put them into collages.

I met up with Kerlyn earlier at Newton MRT because she was at her last day of work and her last stop was at Northpoint. So we traveled to Cityhall together and kinda shopped a bit for *ahem* shoes. Again. Thank no one in particular I didn’t buy any.

After that we met Zoe at Raffles City Mall to get Kerrie a birthday balloon. Oh man. The process of getting one was somewhat embarrassing. Lol. If any of my friends were to get me a big balloon that reads my age, I probably disacknowledge them.

Besides, the staff were really unfriendly. Shop at level 3, selling party stuff. Can’t remember the shop name, unfortunately.

Then we walked all the way to Timbre, while meeting Evelyn halfway. The birthday girl and her troops have already arrived.

Timbre was hot. Literally. Kinda expecting a laid back air-conditioned bar + restaurant, somewhat like Indochine. Except, it was fully non-air-conditioned. Indochine had a another portion with air-con though. But Timbre is indeed the place you need after a day of hard work and you really need to loosen up with just some close friends and a super cold beer. And the live band was good, just that they all started singing christian songs at some point of time.

You know, the thing about me and religion. Oh well.

Photos up next.

Our drinks for the night. Heineken, Lychee Martini, Pina Colada, Lime Virgin Margarita, Shirley Temple and Erdinger.

And then the food.

The chicken wings were on the house for ordering 2 pints of Erdinger. Plus, they throw you another pint free. And you MUST try the effing good pizza!

Full strength. Thanks to our free (pun intended) lance photographer for the night, Mr. Charles.

The night ended early as some of us had to leave. But it was indeed a good dinner celebration for Kerrie. With lots of presents and best wishes from all of us, she must be pretty happy.

We all toast to you, my dear Kerrie. Happy birthday!!

– – – – –

24 December 2008

I just remember packing my luggage in the morning for Genting on Christmas Day itself. Then it was dinner at my uncle’s. It’s an annual thing for the family. The dinner I always looked forward to.

No one can resist lots of good food.

There was pineapple rice, prawns, satay, popiah, salad, huge turkey, pasta, salmon, some asparagus-lookalike veggie and the gigantic ham at the bottom right hand of the collage. Fyi, it’s only half of it from what you see here.

The only reason I turn up for such gatherings. Lol.

Though a few of the cousins weren’t around – one was out caroling with his choir; while one is in the UK; while one was out with friends; the other is married and kinda lost contact with us; while one is in heaven watching down on us giving us eternal blessings – we still had quite a good after-dinner time playing Cuckoo Zoo cards and poker.

Me: This game is such an unglam game can?!

There were cakes and tea and coffee as desserts. Bloated was how I felt.

But happy. It was a good Christmas with the family yet again.

– – – – –

25 – 27 December 2008

Day 1

Off to Genting in the morning at 6am. My sister gave us a lift to the terminal which was just at BP Plaza. Boarded the 26-seater bus around 6.30am. Passed the customs and kinda slept my way through. Haha. The seats were quite comfy. Just somewhere throughout the ride, my cousin and I were watching Narnia: Prince Caspian on my iPod. It was crazy to share the iPod. Imagine how bad we squinted our eyes. -_-

We stopped by at Yong Peng for a bite and toilet break. And we ate our brunch.

Chicken rice and Laksa. Damn! The chicken rice tasted like primary school tuckshop food! Nostalgic! I was sobbing while eating. So touched.

Next, we carried on the bus ride. It took us about 5.5 hours to reach. Was very fast compared to the last time I went.

But the crowd this time was at least a hundred times more. It was so packed I got really pissed with everyone who blocked my way. So effing packed! I was squeezing my way through the lobby, the hallway, the lifts, the escalator. Everywhere!

We squeezed our way to the kopitiam for lunch before checking in since we were early.

Some hot plate ee noodles and claypot tom yum noodles.

We went back to the tour counter for check in.

Look at the amount of people waiting to be checked in. Prince Caspian saved us. =) Our number was 7117. We waited an hour before getting our room key.

The minute we got into the room, my mum unpacked, my cousin read her book, my aunt was randomly walking around and I was plonked onto the bed. My mum actually dozed off with my aunt while me and my cousin watched tv. Then I dozed off. My cousin then turned off the tv and joined us. Haha. By the time we woke up, we had already slept for almost 4 hours.

Tsk. Waste time.

So we just got up and went for dinner and some ‘sight-seeing’.

We decided to end the night early since it was too late to get any tickets for any rides anywhere. In other words, we wasted the day because we all napped too long.

The adults just slept like logs while the younger ones stayed up watching Miss USA 2008. Haha.

Day 2

Took some snacks and off we went to the theme park for some fun with the crazy rides while the adults went to the casino.

We arranged to meet up again 1 hour later. And bloody hell. Because of the massive crowd, we only played 2 rides in 1 hour. The queuing up took 95% of the time.

So damn sian can?

We went for lunch. Had Bak Ku Teh. Almost everyone ordered the Bak Ku Teh at this place I forgot so we just ordered along. It wasn’t that bad in fact. Yummy. The dao kee (beancurd skin) just made the soup much tastier.

Then we went to digest with some slow family rides. Haha. So ku ku can? It’s like bringing my ah ma and kids to ride those slow rides and show them what are trees and cars.

We went back to the theme park while the adults went shopping.

And then we queued like 45 minutes for the roller coaster. The ride ended and we waited in the tram (or train, or coaster or what??) for 10 minutes because the tram/train/coaster at the ‘loading’ bay had some commotion. I thought someone got knocked or what.

But no one got injured. After we alighted, it bloody rained! Not rained. More like downpour!


The worse was we were supposed to meet our mums 2 hours later outside the theme park but since it was raining and we were drenched, we made our way to the nearest shelter and dashed under the rain to find the way back to the hotel.

Damn! We didn’t have the keys! Not a single one of the two that was given. So dumb right? So we made a roaming call to our mums (I initially wanna explain how the call works but it just got too complicated I should just leave it out. It’s like we called a SG number while in Msia using our SG number.) and told them we should meet back at the hotel room.

Freezing. The mist and rain and wind. I thought I was about to die from pneumonia. You know the thing about asthmatic people and cold weathers. Dangerous. Both my cousin and I were asthmatic. =(

It didn’t help when our jackets didn’t dry properly in the cold weather.

Dinner was at the kopitiam again. The food was quite nice though. Just that it was crowded. Everywhere was. They ate normal food you can easily find in Singapore. How boring.

I ate the Hot Rock Grilled Chicken. Yummy. Like chicken chop except you cook it yourself on this piece of hot rock.

My mum brought me to the casino. I wasn’t checked at all! Haha. Should I like jump in joy that I could easily enter the casino from now on, or fret that I’m starting to look older?

No pictures though. But I got hooked onto the slot machines. Haha. I can’t imagine pressing of buttons can be so much fun. Initially, I thought casino jackpot uses the pull-the-lever style. I must be living in the 90’s still. Too much movies.

After playing for awhile, we went for more family rides around the ferris wheel and for some more ‘sight-seeing’. I went back to the casino with my mum and aunt after all those boring rides and left my little cousin waiting for us outside. Haha. Felt pretty bad that she was underaged. By a lot. Haha. But she’s got my iPod for company.

I dozed off so quickly that night.

Day 3

Day of check out. We woke up slightly later and had to rush for a quick lunch before check out.

We dined at Hou Mei and swore we will never go back again. We waited 45 minutes for our food. Not any Australian steak or chicken stew. It’s merely noodle soup and chicken rice.

Throughout the 45 minutes, we watched the chefs standing around crossing their arms doing nothing. It was such a bad experience. We asked the waiters to check on our orders twice and none got back to us. The other tables were waiting impatiently too.


But then again, my mum was the one fussing so much because she die-die must check out at 12pm. Not 12.01. Not 11.59. But 12.00.


End up, there was about an hour after we checked out to register for the coach back home.

Somewhere halfway the ride, we stopped to buy some local goodies back. I couldn’t resist getting the tau sa pia. Then it was home sweet home. I slept throughout. Was really tired.

That’s it for my comeback post. I’m still the same. =) That’s good to hear, isn’t it?

I’ll be updating another very soon. Hope I haven’t lost my readers.


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