To end off 2008

I shall make this an annual thing. To make a list of things I have done in this year before moving on to the next. =)

Became a proud mother of Casper!

Taught him and watched him grow up into a little terror. (There are just too many posts about Casper. Just click here to read all about him.)

Ranted like crazy about the cab fare hike but still took cabs like buses.

Visited the Singapore Airshow.

Did a first foodlog.

Got my first PDA phone as a gift from MC.

Planned something significant for the first time.

Contemplated on starting my own video rental business. Haha.

Got addicted to manicures.

Turned 21.

Almost won first prize in 4D.

Got accepted into SIM and became a student once again.

Fell gaga over this Taiwan drama, 命中注定我爱你.

Lost a friend, for absolutely no reason at all.

Got my first pair of boots and only wore it once for Safra roadshow.

Got pretty addicted to online shopping.

Lost 2 pair of glasses because of my biting puppy.

Met a effing pervert.

Had my first day of school after 7 months of slacking.

Had a few but precious gatherings with old friends.

Found the nicest Lor Bak rice.

Highlighted my hair red. But it’s faded anyway.

Almost died from the amount of assignments and projects.

Lost the last hope of getting cheap bargains.

Thought my wisdom teeth were growing but they were just false alarms.

Discovered a shocking truth! That Tauruses are very undateable!

Almost lost my 1.2k maltese!

Realised that women are ill-fated yet persistent creatures.

Barely survived through the pressure of exams. Those countless sleepless nights. Gosh.

Had a great time at ECP for BBQ with the family. First time bringing Casper to the sands and the sea.

The year I bought the most number of shoes ever.

Got distinctions for my exams! Wee~

Attended a few weddings.

Celebrated lots of 21st birthdays.

Had a great Christmas!

It seems 2008 was a rather boring year. It’s the year I’ve got the highest number of private posts. I guess this year, there were more downs then ups. I realised making new year resolutions are just a waste of energy typing the keyboard. More than half will never be fulfilled anyway. Haha. So I really really wish 2009 will be a up up year! That’s my new year resolution. =)

I hereby wish everyone



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