I thought Casper would die!

This morning the electricity was shut down for some maintenance, upgrading and stuff. The new lift. Blah. ONE lift lah! They bloody build 1 new lift and gonna tear down the other lift. How in the world can 12 storeys of residents wait for one bloody lift?

But anyway, the electricity got shut. Everything wasn’t working. TV, computers, clocks, DVD player, modem, FRIDGE!

Imagine the chocolates slowly melting away.

I initially thought oh well, it couldn’t be that bad without electricity. As long as there’s sunlight outside, everyone still can survive. That was how the cavemen survived, didn’t they?

But hell no! The weather was crazy. It got so hot to a point I had to fan myself while seated down doing almost nothing.

I decided to go buy lunch for me and my sister. After lunch I was just slacking in my room while my sister was lunching in the living room while on the phone with some clients.

Then I heard a commotion outside. My sister was shouting for me.

“Casper is choking! I think he swallowed my fish ball.”

And then I saw Casper choking. He was as if gasping for air. He couldn’t stop breathing in but were all short staggered breaths. I freaked out and kinda panicked for abit. He then started vomiting white foam. We got so scared that my sister suggested bringing him to the vet immediately. And so we did.

He couldn’t stop gasping for air. It must have been uncomfortable for the little guy. I almost cried. I didn’t know what to do. No electricity means no internet. I couldn’t even go online and google first aid for dogs.

I tried to cough and make him imitate. But all he could do was gasp for air.

Then he vomited a few more times of white foam. We rushed him to the clinic.

He seemed ok on the car. It seemed the vomiting made him better. But to play safe, we thought of bringing him for a check.

The poor boy shivered so badly when we brought him to the vet.

The vet prescribed digestion tablets for him in case he really did swallow one whole fish ball without chewing to bits.

Replenished his heart worm pills as well. Total bill 90 bucks.

Felt kinda bad that my sister had to take time out to send us down to the vet since she was actually about to rush back to her office (because of the electricity shutdown at home).

But thank God she was home at that time.

Now that we’re back, Casper’s been sleeping. Haven’t fed him the tablet yet though. He must be shaken from the incident. Poor boy.

Casper has the habit of leaping up the coffee table and steal whatever human food is available. He doesn’t learn no matter how we teach him. We just have to be more careful in future.

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