Do you remember what happened 8 years ago?

Do you?

8 years ago, I was merely 14.

Was talking to my youngest ‘baby’ cousin on MSN awhile ago and we kinda jumped from one topic to another.

Her school orientation to choir to “Don’t forget the lyrics” to her becoming a secondary 2 student to her asking me about my secondary 2 life.

Wow. Some jump ya?


So she asked how was my sec 2 life and did I enjoy it.

I did. But that was the same year my dearest cousin, Aasta, passed away. So I guess it was only for the first half that I enjoyed school. The rest of the year just went crazy. In fact, it still is crazy now.

Ignore me cos I’m rather emo now. With all the talk about my cousin and death, it’s hard not to think back your life a little.

My ‘baby’ cousins has not much recollection of Aasta since she was only 6 when the incident happened. She only remembered the scene that tragic day where everyone was crying. It must have been traumatic to her to a certain extent that she had to witness all these loss of emotions.

8 years seemed to whisk past quite fast. Everyone seemed to have grown (older). I haven’t because I am practically the same petite figure as before. Haha. I actually haven’t grown since primary 6. OMG.

Oh well. Life goes on.

Let’s embrace human nature and live life to the fullest. 🙂

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