Mixed feelings

Was out with Weiliang after school. Actually, I skipped the second half of lecture cos it was too boring. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t understand a single word the lecturer was saying.

Zoe and Kerrie left as well. So I met up with Weiliang and ate early dinner/late lunch at Jurong Point. Had Lai Lai’s. The Lor Bak Rice damn good still.

And we proceeded to Toa Payoh. WAH LAU! Freaking far can? Like from Boon Lay to Toa Payoh!

I almost died lor. Luckily Weiliang entertained me along the way.

He wanted to sell his iPhone. But oh well, it didn’t go too smoothly. Now he’s still stuck with it. =/

Then we went to town. My bag was killing me. Really. I seriously don’t understand how much weight was pulling me down the entire evening. I only had a thin plastic file with a few sheets of paper (my notes) and a half-filled water bottle, 1 cardigan, 1 make up pouch, 1 pencil case, 1 wallet, 1 key pouch, 1 iPod classic, 1 handphone, 1 tissue pack.

Is that a lot? Why does it seem so effing heavy?!?!?

Weiliang shopped for a bit here and there. From Wheelock to Isetan. And it was home sweet home.

One word to summarise the whole meeting. Tired.

I guess apart from the heavy bag, there was something weighing in my mind. Just something I didn’t expect to be of any significance. Unfortunately, it has become something that’s rather troubling.

Oh God. I have to stop feeling this way.


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