Sentosa with Casper

I know. This is damn long ago. On the 18th of Jan. I realised I didn’t blog about it. My bad. I simply forgot.

I’m too lazy for captions. Photos only.

*Update. I realised I forgot 4 photos. Scroll down and find the updated portion in red.*


*end update*

I gotta start on my projects soon. Otherwise I’m so dead.

4 thoughts on “Sentosa with Casper

  1. no 16 pic looks so adorable lah! casper seems to be smiling so happily and e pic he slept between e bags on the sand lol!

    the last pic lol … priceless, think casper new friend is damn tired haha!


  2. to kerrie: babe, u need time. don’t be too harsh on yourself =)

    to nana jie: he pretty much was tired out from being chased by raydon haha so he was kinda glad I carried him cos at least he knows he’s safe from him. lol. the last pic, raydon was just recharging. after awhile, he got pretty active again. but casper was sure deadbeat.


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