I’m starting to like school

Lectures nowadays seem productive. I haven’t learnt anything yet but at least I understand what the lecturers are talking about sometimes. Maybe I am just guilty for skipping so many lectures before. =X But despite the sudden interest in school, I am still always late as usual. =D

Anyway, these were photos taken yesterday and today.

Checkered love.

Zoe very pro lah. Photocopy notes also can take photos. But oh well, we had to wait for the machine to print so… it’s absolutely normal to cam whore. Haha.

Cam whore skill fail. Zoe peeked at the reflection. Haha.

She grabbed me over while I was snacking halfway during lecture and snapped this. -_- I was chewing on my Pocky.

Ok. Gotta rush my assignment for now.


3 thoughts on “I’m starting to like school

  1. i’m still in my holiday mood.. pls motivate me to go to sch leh..dun selfish leh lol~~!! HAHHA WAKE ME UP den scream at me..make sure i turn up lol


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