What have I missed?

Well well, blogging seems to be a chore recently. I have simply not enough time for it anymore these days. Haha. Good? No good? But anyway, I will do a quick update on what I’ve been up to these days. Not a bad thing that I’m occupied, that’s for sure.

This is more like a foodlog. Lots of food. Don’t continue if you’re hungry.

20 Feb 09 Dinner + Drinks

Lai Wang wanted to meet up for a drink. He pointed out that he wanted a chill-out drink, not a 5am-then-go-home drink at clubs. Ha. Kaixin initially asked me to Dragonfly since she was meeting her sister there. I kinda wanted to go but oh well, I had plans already. So we had a quick dinner and proceeded to Bojangles at Bukit Timah for a drink.

Sex on the Beach, Lime Margarita, Shirley Temple

Goodness. The Sex on the Beach was horrendous. Don’t order that.

Saw Kaixin there too since she was there with her colleagues before moving on to Dragonfly. I was so tempted to go with her. Haha. But oh well. Another day, girl!

The amount of crap the guys had was overloading my brain so much for that night. Haha. But it was fun hearing some news about some friends and how their lives are now.

情圣 has got to be the funniest comment about LW this century.

– – – – –

21 Feb 09 Ah Ma Birthday

I kinda lost count of my grandma’s age. She might be 76 this year. Or maybe 77. I’m not sure. Because my mum tells me 76 but I have my record as 77. So… I’m really not sure.

But I think it is 76 lah.

This year, dinner was simple. My grandma didn’t want to travel around so much so we had the dinner at her place.

I had school that saturday afternoon (!!) so I had to find my own way to my grandma’s. The girls and I went to collect our photocopied textbook at Bukit Timah SC in Kerrie’s car. It was her first time driving on a rainy day. We all got pretty scared for her. But it was fun somehow, giving her all sorts of directions and almost making her go the wrong way. Haha.

I managed to contact my sister since she was at Clementi and we went to Grandma’s in her car. Shiokness. I wanna get license too. But next time got money then say lah. =D

Machiam buffet lor. My uncle just whipped up a few dishes which turned out to be damn good. YUMMY!

Cousin Daphne doing her geography homework. So hardworking. Reminded me about how my entire class failed the geography test due to a super slack teacher.

See! Looks damn yummy right??

There was sweet and sour fish, and pork, some mixed vegetables with prawns, sambal prawns, curry chicken, mixed vegetables with chicken, satays, tang hoon salad, fried hokkien mee, BBQ chicken wings, radish soup and of course the pink shou baos.

I went for 2 rounds of dinner. Shiokness.

After dinner, we gambled. It was like a make-up for CNY cos we didn’t have time to stay for gambling. Haha.

I lost like 6 bucks in Blackjack.

I had a few shots on my cousin’s SLR camera. DAMN AMAZING I TELL YOU! It’s effing heavy too. But seriously, the photos taken are like so fantastically taken that minimal photoshopping is needed. I gotta get the photos from him soon.

Birthday cake from Emicakes. Tiramisu flavour. Boring. -_-

Birthday girl. Happy birthday, Ah Ma!

– – – – –

23 Feb 09

I cooked dinner one day for my mum. It was surprisingly good. Haha. We finished everything. Satisfaction. We fried assorted mushrooms, pork slices with potato and cabbage with baby corn. Then we ended the dinner with something sweet, red bean soup.

We proceeded with Texas Poker after dinner and played with my sister till 5am in the morning before I continued for my class the next afternoon. Ha it was fun but tiring for me lah.

Been sleeping pretty late these days. I really need 72 hours a day otherwise I just don’t get enough sleep!

Even Casper is sleeping late.

– – – – –

24 Feb 09

Ordered Ritez Pizza for lunch cos it was raining and we were too lazy to cook. So yup. Not bad pizza. Quite cheap. Comes with 1.5L bottled drink. But I still prefer Pizza Hut though.

Almost 40 bucks.

Dory Nuggets and Seafood Croquette.

Meat Diva. With lots of pepperoni, cabonassi, ham, mushroom and lots of cheese.

Winter Special. With sausage, ham, pineapple, lettuce and mayonnaise. Weird but nice somehow.

– – – – –

I caught Marley & Me. I cried buckets. Cos it just reminded me of Casper and how much he made me learn about life.


I’m done. Update again very soon I hope.


One thought on “What have I missed?

  1. So much culture and personality here. One of the few blogs I’ve seen where I feel like I’d actually get to know the person. I’m actually still debating on whether or not to put photos of myself up. I really liked the photos of you guys playing cards, though.


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