Meeting the BFF

Met up with Kaixin on Friday night for dinner.

The journey to Vivo was fulfilling. Hearing her talk about her office affairs (literally) and how her life’s been was making me feel old somehow. We have all gotten slightly older.

We walked around deciding what to eat after she parked and she thought of going to this Terra Cafe because it doesn’t have long queues like the other restaurants.

I was glad she chose that cos the food was really nice.

We ordered from the set menu which came with a free soup and dessert. She got a Fish n Chips while I got a Seafood Aglio Olio.

Mushroom soup

Fish ‘n’ Chips

Seafood Aglio Olio

Iced Mochappuccino & Iced coffee.

Forgot to take photo of the dessert. But dessert was just ice cream anyway.

During dinner, we thought since we were at that area, we could drop by Dragonfly. Unfortunately, our friends were going to Genting that night so we postponed.

Next week, perhaps.

We proceeded to mahjong at my place with my mum. Damn. I lost again. So did Kaixin. Something is really wrong with my luck man.

The mahjong ended at 3+ am. Kaixin went home. And I rested for a bit before going for lecture that same afternoon. Damn. My school timetable is so screwed.

I must ask Kaixin out more soon. See you again very soon BFF =)

– – – – –

After school, I had my nails done. It was so long ago since I did my nails. Without knowing, I have been sinning at The Nail Status for almost a year. Membership ending soon too and since renewal is so cheap I shall get it renewed soon.

Anyway, I did my nails on a promotion. Do a spa manicure and get a free express pedicure.

It was just what I wanted to do. So I just went with it. I was a happy girl.

My nails are so damn short I feel naked.

I have long toes. Ha.

On top of that, I bought a new pair of heels. Oops. I seem to be collecting them instead of putting them into proper use. Ha. I don’t even go out that often, don’t even mention  me wearing them. -_-

But I couldn’t help it. They were on sale.


– – – – –

On a very abrupt note, these were some photos taken while dining at Suki Sushi sometime this week.

Ordered so much and the bill just went slightly over 40 bucks. That’s freaking cheap. Luckily it was buffet.

I realised how deprived I was for good food the past year. It was like having food that I really like in front of me but I just couldn’t eat it. No beef, no vegetables, no seafood. Oh my goodness. I had my fill during the past month to make up for what I’ve lost in the past year.

Pure shiokness.


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