Who is this person in the mirror?

Am I being too quick at judging people recently? How bout you? Are you always judging someone too quickly and then regret afterwards?

I used to tell myself never to judge people for their appearances because I myself know that it’s not a very nice feeling to be judged according to how we look. I totally hate it when people call me ah lian/bimbo when I’m dressed in a tube top and shorts and have rebonded hair. (Please get your definitions right.)

That feeling. Sucks.

But for a moment, I thought to myself, if I didn’t choose to dress like that, I wouldn’t have to hear such awful comments. Yet ironically, I like to be wrapped with as less cloth as possible due to the effing weather. So what do I have to complain, right?

Now. Back to judging. What if I’m not judging someone by his/her looks? What if that person is my friend? Say, I’ve known this person for many years now but I’ve never stopped bitching about him/her along with my other friends. Why? The temptation to gossip is so strong that I simply couldn’t keep my mouth shut. But when I do keep quiet, no one can hear my humble opinions. Perhaps, to a certain extent, my opinions might be of good use to the person of subject.

Who knows?

As a matter of fact, I believe that some of my advices/opinions do have the power to change some things. And yet at the same time, might just jeopardise the friendship we once shared.

So many times in my 21 years of living I’ve judged someone based on my first impression. And then the next thing I know is that that person is a complete opposite of what I used to think of him/her. While there are, of course, a number of times my first impressions were right.

It’s like Day 1, “that girl’s a bitch!” and Day 100, “that girls really a bitch!” kinda thingy.

Vicious cycle.

Is there a reason to gossip about someone behind his/her back even though you’re aware of it but you just couldn’t help it cos you just wanna get it off your chest? Otherwise why would you do that if you know it would hurt that person?

Why am I doing that?

Why is everybody doing that?

Damn. This is another big question mark in my head right now. I should try to stop bitching/gossiping/judging people.

PS. This post is not directed at anyone. Not you reading right now, that’s for sure. =) Rough period of my life, that’s all.


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