Girls! This is incredible.

Kerrie posted a video of this ang moh guy who recorded himself dancing to the song Nobody by Wonder Girls, a Korean girl group. That video was hilarious!

I happened to see another video of this thai guy who made a video of him and three other him together dancing to the same song. And oh gawd! His dance moves were awesome! Way better than the ang moh.

I honestly have to share these videos for my friends.

This is the original (modern) one.

This is the hilarious one.

This is the awesome one.

3 thoughts on “Girls! This is incredible.

  1. hahaha i normally dont watch these kind of videos when people posted them on their blogs :-p but this one is hilarious and awesome. haha especially when the two guys on his left & right started moving along..


  2. To eeeiffe: yeah man. he’s amazing. and there’s more to come with such funny videos. i will share with you!

    To kerrie: his dancing damn zai lah. haha. I initially thought he was another wu liao person. but i was so wrong.


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