I is damn itchy hand

I thought, since I haven’t changed my blog template for awhile, I should change it for a new feel.

Then I damn happily search for other templates which I thought might be quite nice and I clicked “Activate”.

Ok. The new template looks ok. No header image. Clean and simple. And then I realise the usual widgets are gone. Which means my blog links are gone. -_-

The thing about wordpress is totally different with blogspot. The links aren’t in the HTML settings. It’s a separate widget where you can type in HTML text on its own. And me being smart totally didn’t backup a copy of the links in HTML text in my computer.

Now. I’ve lost super lot of blog links because I don’t save all of them in my bookmarks. I shall just keep it this way till I randomly recall them.

So now I’ve switched back to the old template cos I prefer a white background and other details provided along with this template.


I deserve a punch for doing bo liao stuff rather than studying.


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