We are getting older each day

Just heard from my mum that my cousin, Derrick, is enlisting to the army tomorrow morning. It’s amazing how time flies. I still remember the days when we were playing at the playground beneath my grandma’s more than a decade ago.

A blink of an eye and there he is. Botak and ready to protect the country.

As I was browsing my computer for photos of Derrick, I stumbled across old photos of us when we were kids and I thought of Aasta. Feeling pretty emo again. It’s a feeling of loneliness that I have to grow up without her.

Ok. Stop emo-ing. Back to Derrick. He was a real meanie when we were kids. He was 3 years my junior but I always feared him somehow. He was really fierce and violent even at 2 years old. He went round hitting everybody for no reason and would cry for the slightest attention. Because he was the youngest (at that time) and I would only play with Aasta (cos she was a girl), he got jealous and neglected. That’s probably why he drifted away from us after a while.

But nonetheless, he grew up healthy and smart. Just that he had his rebellious times. It’s just a growing up phase everyone goes through.

I hardly see him during family gatherings in the recent years. Every growing teen just needs more time with friends, isn’t it?

Now that he’s going to the army, I wonder if he’s mentally prepared for it.

So here’s my wishes to you, my dear cousin (the wailing baby in the picture). Hope you learn some things from the army and come out as a better person (not that you’re bad or what, haha) and not let your mum worry about you too much. Hope to see you again soon when you book out soon!

– – – – –

My mum, at the same time, is turning fifty-seven tomorrow as well. How the hell did she get so old so quick? =X I mean, she doesn’t look like she’s 57. But the thought of her turning 60 soon seems pretty scary. I guess I haven’t been spending much time with her these days, now that exams are nearing and all I cuddle and get cosy with are my notes and books, to notice if she’s even gotten any wrinkler. Saddening.

But still, I love you Mummy. Thank you for bringing me up all these years. It must have been really hard for you supporting the whole family alone. In future, just let me do the job and you just enjoy retirement. =)

Alright. Back to my books. I’ve slacked enough for today.


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