Weekend burnt

Been up since 6.30am. First thing I did was turn on my laptop and checked mail. Facebook, blogshops, facebook, facebook, facebook, blogshop, random advertisements, facebook, facebook blah blah.

Facebook should be banned for muggers. Haha. I’m so addicted to it. Especially playing Spot the Difference. DAMN! My high score is like 300K now. Coolness.

It’s been a long long time since I slept early and got up so early. But I was glued to Spot the Diff till 10am or so before I started my revision.

Anyway, had my first paper yesterday.



And therefore, all that we studied didn’t come out. Well, probably only 10% of the paper was what we were hinted to take note for our revision. And there were 20 bloody chapters. I didn’t know how the hell we could put in 20 chapters into our brain yet have space for other modules.

Exams nowadays are too difficult. Or is it students nowadays complain too much?

BUT whatever it is, the paper was pretty screwed. I can’t even expect anything now. Hoping we can all pass and move on to the next semester. Let’s all work hard for the next 3 papers.

Been thinking about my future a lot recently. Been fretting over the fact that money is never enough. Been shopping online a lot lately too but all were on sale. Been hoping to get my first after-graduation pay and spending it all on things that I like. Haha.

Casper has been licking his paws a lot lately. I wonder if he’s allergic to anything. He didn’t usually lick that furiously. I’ve checked and cleaned his paws but the licking never stops. It got so bad I had to wrap his paws. Haha. He looks funny with his paws wrapped though.

Anyone have any idea how to stop him from licking? His paws are turning yellow. Ugly.

And my nails need Mabel’s help soon! After my exams, I need to get a full mani pedi done. Besides, it’ll be my birthday month! Every service half price! Shiokness! Woohoo!

Zoe showed me this video that proves love has no boundaries. A lion, Christian, and his two owners got reunited.

I got all teary after watching it. Damn touching.


This is a tribute video with more footage of Christian. Click the video to read the description box for full story.



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