So many photos so little energy

I’m so sick of editing photos just because they always turn out either too dark or too bright. It’s never always in between. Time to get a new camera that does auto correcting. Ha. *Psst. Canon will be next.*

Exams have officially ended on the 5th and the first thing I did was head to TNS to get my nails done with Zoe. Wait for photos. =)

Then the next few days were spent celebrating (my dad) and my birthday. Made my first Oreo Cheesecake, went out for sushi buffet with the girls, then met up with BFF and late night shopping at Giant. Hahaha. How aunty, the last event. Anyway, wait for photos. I’ve uploaded them in my computer somewhere. But I’m not done with editing. *Psst. Zap those annoying blemishes away*

And also, met up with Weihan and SuLian for lunch and then to Marina Barrage for ‘sightseeing’ and camwhoring! Wahahaha Weihan kena dragged into camwhoring with us. It was so much fun trying to jump in the air and snapshot it down. And yes, wait for photos!

Casper’s been moody lately considering the fact that I’m always out. Haha. Poor boy. But will be bringing him to meet Joyce’s baby maltese, Lollipop in the morning later! Excited!! Again, photos will be taken. Wait for them!

Wahahahahaha. WAIT FOR THEM!

Haiz. So many photos so little energy.

Oh yeah. I’m being really motivated to go learn driving after meeting up with BFF. It just feels damn bloody great to own a car. But dear God, please hear my pleas and let me win lottery this weekend. =)


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