Major update with photos!

I’m done with the photos. Posting some of them up now. Girls, if you want the photos, do let me know. Sms, call or anything. Then I’ll be online to send you k? =)

5 May 2009, Tue

We had our last paper. It was quite ok considering I anyhow tikam the last question and somehow it’s right (as discussed with the girls).

Taken before the paper. It seems all of us were already in holiday mood.

After the paper, Zoe and I went town to get our nails done.

Mabel was on leave so I got Christine to do my nails instead. Felt kinda bad cos she was pregnant and she was doing my toes. I wondered if she felt tired since she will be due in August. But she was awesome. The paint hasn’t chipped a bit. =)

6 May 2009, Wed

It was Dad’s birthday. Bought him a simple cake from Crystal Jade.

Oh well. Nothing fantastic about it.

7 May 2009, Thur

It’s my birthday! =) Didn’t really celebrate it but made Oreo cheesecake and it turned out pretty nice.

8 May 2009, Fri

Met up with the girls for lunch at Suki Sushi @ Cine. Queued half an hour man. Heard from Kerrie and Vanessa about this most crazy accident ever. A woman bit off a man’s d**k in a car because of the huge impact of  a van/lorry accidentally banging into them.

The girls at Suki Sushi. We didn’t seem to eat a lot though.

Zoe: Oldest and the youngest.


The girls got me a cake but unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to eat the cake in the cafe so I just made a wish and blew out the candle.

Kerlyn and Kerrie left shortly. Zoe and I accompanied Vanessa to her hair salon. Van left for Australia on Sunday afternoon. Babe, hope you enjoy yourself over there! =D

While waiting, it was the usual camwhoring session.

The presents the girls got me. =) Thanks girls!

Met up with Kaixin for dinner/supper/late-night shopping at Giant @ IMM. It was so funny that night. Kaixin’s car was low on fuel when we wanted to leave at 9ish that night yet there was a super long trail of cars trying to exit the carpark. So she thought her car wouldn’t be able to tahan the long wait, we decided to park again, walk around some more and leave only when there were lesser cars.

It was such a close shave. The fuel was blinking red already. Haha.

So she got some sushi at half price from Giant while I got some oranges and apples for my mum. So aunty lah.

Luckily by the time we left at 11, there were no cars. We immediately zoomed to the nearest petrol station to refill gas for her car.

Eh.. Camwhoring as usual while waiting for her to make payment.

Shopping loot. More like groceries. And the bag of Face Shop birthday products from the girls too.

Checking if every litre of petrol was correctly calculated for the distance travelled.

Damn. Makes me wanna go learn driving like soon!

SOON, I promise. Once I get my first job after graduation, once I get a new camera, a new desktop, a new air con!

9 May 2009, Sat

Met up with the poly buds for lunch and then to Marina Barrage! Woohoo! Ever since that night we went there, we thought we should go back again in the day for day shots.

But this time, Syahriah couldn’t make it. =(

So it was me…


and Weihan.

The sun was glaring into our eyes. Blazing sun, huge crowd. Honestly, it wasn’t the best time to go. Not this period at least. The weather’s such a bitch! How the hell do these people still have the mood to picnic and sit right under the hot sun??

So hot that even kids couldn’t stand it. They literally swam there.

Cute maltese doggy!

We left after awhile. Went to Kallang Mac for drinks before SuLian and I left.

Saw this hotel on the way. Does it mean “Happy” instead?

I made my way to my uncle’s place for Mother’s Day dinner with my relatives.

The flowers I got for my grandma, mum and aunts. =)

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