Thanks, BFF

Went for a massage session with Kaixin on Thursday at The Ultimate. Complimentary. FOC. No need money. And it just means shiokness.

I didn’t have much expectations for the massage. But it turned out to be pretty good and painful. But the pain is absolutely normal. Who doesn’t have tense muscles? Hahaha. So the lady was really friendly and patient.

Gosh. Whoever can stay awake with soft music and dim lightings?

I was literally relaxed and enjoying that 30 minutes of my life.


Then of course, they tried to sell their services to us after the whole session. Kaixin seemed really interested. So was I. But all the Javanese and Balinese and other-nese massages will have to wait. Wait till I’m earning my own pocket money then I shall pamper myself abit. 🙂

Dinner was at West Mall Sakae. Totally hate the hand sanitiser there. Didn’t eat much though because the spa place served green bean soup haha. And then was home sweet home.

Thanks again, woman!


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