The ill puppy

I know Casper’s way over the puppy age but I can’t help it when he’s mini-sized. Ha.

Anyway, I caught my dad feeding him dangerous human food (read: oil, salt, fried) on Monday morning at 3am! I was just up for the pee break and Casper ran to the kitchen where he smelt my dad eating. I was effing mad when I saw my dad put that piece of junk into Casper’s mouth RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and never apologised for shit when I scolded him! He effing dared to smile at me when I screamed at him!

Fucked up! Pea-brain!

Casper vomitted that very morning. Fucking hell. Now I guess the previous few times he vomitted was due to that asshole feeding him all the junk.

This morning, he vomited again. Was not sure what caused it but it did make me very worried. So I brought him to the vet to check. Vet said could be gastric juice.

His diet has improved ever since I changed his food so I had no idea why he had gastric even though he’s eating. Previously, he would reject his food totally and starve for the day. Goodness. What a picky puppy.

And I got him his annual vaccination. Poor baby cried when he was injected. Even turned back to lick his butt and cried some more. =(

Now, he’s completely restless and unwilling to eat. Which means I can’t feed him his medicine for vomiting. =( Poor boy. He got injected near his butt area and it’s sore. Now he has to live with the sore for about 3 days.

Hope he feels better tommorrow morning.


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