Taken for granted

Was just fiddling around with my school’s website when I stumbled across an email saying this.

I am writing in line with advice from the Department of Human Services to let you know that an RMIT student in the School of Business TAFE has been confirmed as being infected with swine flu. RMIT wishes the student a speedy recovery.

It’s kinda scary knowing that someone that close is infected with the virus. Have no idea who the person is but I still hope this person gets well soon. Because well, results will be out in a few more hours (that’s not really the point. I’m just freaking out here because of the results).

I guess most of us have always been taking our hygiene issues for granted. We have probably never really practised the proper ways of cleaning ourselves especially in public places. Whoever will know what kind of germs are there on the MRT poles, or the escalator handrest, or simply the pair of chopsticks that you use at the kopitiam?

Even at times like this (H5N1, H1N1, SARS etc), we don’t really think it’s that important cos we all think we wouldn’t be that suay to kena this virus.

That’s the problem with humans. We never realise the seriousness of anything until we ourselves experience it.

It’s even more scary if you’re infected and not aware of it and have already gone round spreading the virus to your loved ones.

Anyone know if dogs will get infected? Just need to make sure especially when Casper’s immune system is really weak now. Being vomitting quite a bit lately even while on medication. Poor boy. Recently I’ve been so busy doing stuff that aren’t productive at all that I think I’ve somehow neglected him. But I still play with him everyday and let him exercise.

I am busy with editing his photos with Lollipop (his new friend, also a mini maltese) and videos before I blog about them. It’s funny seeing how they progress in their friendship. First meet up was a trauma for Casper when he first saw Lollipop. Haha. And then you see a change from the second meet up onwards.

I can’t wait to post them up! Shall edit them soon. =)

Meanwhile, let’s pray hard (again!) for our results tomorrow.

Oh by the way, did I mention that timetable for the next semester is out? The timings are effing screwed up. 3.30pm start class 6.30pm end class. KAO! TAMADE! Who the hell plans such timetables??? HOW TO DO PROJECTS???

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