Quite some time ago, I watched Monsters vs Aliens 3D.

I was so hyped about watching it in 3D. The last movie I watched in 3D was some HK horror film, The Park, 10 years ago and the 3D effects were horrible. They made us put on and remove the glasses every few minutes throughout the movie.

Nice glasses and obviously more wearable than those days.

No wonder there were non stop flashes in the theatre before the movie started.

My favourite character, Bob. He’s so awfully cute!

The show was funny mostly because of Bob.

And I watched Night at the Museum 2.

It was omg funny! Super entertaining. Love those bobbing Einstein heads. And Owen Wilson. And the monkeys.

And there was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I thought it was ok. Nothing to brag about except Hugh Jackman’s body.

And Gambit.

So cute.

Upcoming movies!!

Already bought tickets on the 28th!! OMG. So gan chiong! LOL!

Definitely gonna watch the next two in 3D!

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