Who loves freebies?

Find yourself guilty for being unable to resist freebies? Then visit now!

I can’t wait to share this happiness with you guys! I got this awesome website from Alex L. At first I was rather apprehensive about this website that claims free samples will be sent to your address. I signed up nonetheless.

And I’m on my way to sampling a few products that are way too out of my budget in the market!

Imagine paying 79 bucks for a bottle of skin care and to realise it’s not suitable for your skin at all. A lot of you must have had such experiences. Sucks right?

Simply pay for the postage. That’s it. And postage is only what? Less than 2 bucks! $1.60 to be exact.


I love love love samples. I have lots of samples from magazines and mailers etc. is definitely the cheaper alternative. Don’t have to buy magazines just for the samples. At least that’s what my mum does. -_-

So go sign up at now and get those free samples!


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