Casper and his new friends

Yesterday, we brought Casper to meet 2 new friends, Milo and Gougou.

Gosh. These 2 were so cute!

Introducing Milo and Gougou.

When I reached, these 2 kids came out the door to welcome me. I was rather intimidated at first thinking that Gougou would be fierce. But end up she was really friendly and shy.

And she was so shy when Casper wanted to go near her that she hid in the room. Milo, on the other hand, wasn’t shy at all. In fact, he was being protective over Gougou that he almost wanted to attack Casper.

But it was sweet watching how Milo and Gougou were so close to each other.

The pretty Gougou.

I was rather attached to her. I realised I’ve been around too many male dogs for a lot and having a quieter milder female dog was actually quite nice. 🙂

By the way, ever seen a JRT who is the size of a pig?

This is Milo, the ultra heavy and fat JRT.

He weighs like 10 kg.

When Milo and Gougou go for a walk, people will actually ask, “How come your dog so fat?” And the reply would be, “Dog? No, this is a pig!”


Casper trying to escape when Gougou comes near. Oh well. I can only say Casper was trying to act strong in front of other dogs.

After that we brought Casper to meet Lollipop.

They had so much fun chasing each other around.

Them with us having dinner. Lollipop on the left, Casper on the right.

There was this annoying little girl who couldn’t stop messing with them. Even when we told her to stop or we would get angry, she didn’t get the hint. She just continued pushing the chair and squeezing Casper and patting Lollipop and making a lot of noise and asking lots of repeated questions like, “Will he bite?”

It got to a point we couldn’t take it and told her “Yes they will bite when you make too much noise!” but she still didn’t get our hint. -_-

“I want to sleep but the girl girl very noisy leh” 😦

The little girl in the background. The two furkids obviously were angsty and disturbed.

Finally the girl walked off and these 2 boys had some peace.

They slept all the way till dinner ended.


– – – – –

Random photos of Casper.

Trying out new hairstyles for him.

Style #1 Neat and suave look

Style #2 Out of bed look

Style #3 Punk dog look (Link broken, getting it fixed REALLY soon!)

Style #4 Dutch lady look

“Want some milk and bread?”

Playing around. Putting him in my drawer.

Act emo.

So cute.


With his toy bone. Notice how he grabs his toy with his paws.

Once a week, he looks like a Chihuahua instead of a maltese. =D


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