Zoe’s belated dinner

The girls and I met up to celebrate Zoe’s belated at Shokudo, Raffles City.

A pity Evelyn couldn’t make it. Cos we had so much fun messing around with the neoprint machine. I know, so old school right?


The old, older and oldest young, younger and youngest.

5 over 6 strength




Mine & Zoe’s

Zoe and I both loveeeeeee mushrooms!! This one plate cost $8.80++! Bloody ex.

I’m so gonna cook this tonight!

Wahahahaha! Neoprints!

Still waiting for Kerrie to send me the scanned copies. Girl ah, faster leh! Haha.

After dinner, Zoe left first with V and the 4 of us continued camwhoring outside.

I look like obasan! OMG.

Going market anyone?

There were a lot of failed shots because our hair kept covering our faces due to the strong wind.

Kerrie left after a bit and it was Van, me and Kerlyn. We grabbed a drink and chit chat sing song til 10 before heading back home.

Zoe girl, hope you like the presents! Happy belated again! =)


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