Of random thoughts and Genting

Realise I don’t have new updates on my nails lately?

If getting my nails done makes me happy, am I to allow others to strip me of my happiness? If getting my nails done is a waste of money, then wouldn’t this logic apply to gamers too, just because gaming makes them happy? I have no fucking idea why I’m judged just because I like having a manicure done. Why judge me? Why not others? Just because I’m paying for the service so I deserve the negative remarks? Why am I not privileged to do things that make me happy?

I ought to slap myself for ranting here about that person. And I feel more awful for having to prove to that person I can do without manicure even though I don’t feel the need to at all.

Is this any different from how I was once banned from clubbing?

how i'm feeling

This is tiring.

Heeeehuuuuu heeeeehuuuu. Be silent, be still.

– – – – –

BAaaaaaaah! Next.

What’s up with everyone going Genting? Haha. Kerrie just got back, Richard too. And then Kaixin is going on this weekend. And the best thing is I’m going next Monday!

Kinda looking forward to it. Just wanna get out of town. It’s crazy to stay home for a bit longer. Should have met up with Weiliang just now before he leaves for a dance competition in Prague. *bangs head*

But another thing to look forward to is tomorrow night. Weihan has been asking me to Phuture EVERY week without fail. And I turn him down EVERY week without fail LOL. The one and only time I didn’t turn him down will be tomorrow. Yea! Be glad that I didn’t, Weihan! Haha now he calls me Miss Big Shot!

Anyway, I’m catching Transformers with my sister (and her friend, I think) this Sunday. My sister bought the tickets like 2 weeks back from the RC. Yah. Residents Corner that RC. Fwahahaha because she went to sign up for a MAHJONG COMPETITION!!! WAHAHAHA LMAO!

Machiam HK movie lor. Mahjong competition wor. And she’s the youngest participant.

So she happened to see the RC selling tickets to Transformers at only $4.50 each! Bloody hell! I would have extra moolah for a really huge popcorn combo! LOL. I’m getting excited. Woohoo! I’m even more excited about her mahjong competition! Wahahaha! So fast wanna join the senior citizens liao. My mum not even gonna admit she’s old yet lor!

Hope she wins. Win a new mahjong set I also don’t mind. Haha. Best is win cash prizes. =)

It’s 3.45pm and I’m gonna cook lunch now. Feeling really 宅 laaaaaaaah…


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