Never knew what was so appealing about Phuture until 26 June, I went with Weihan with the thought of making more new friends, then I realised it was the music.

R&B never fails to attract me. But Phuture was so cramped! I hate the space limit. Gahh!!

But nonetheless, it was fun despite I was the only girl. *Gasp*

I officially pronounce my favourite drink – Jägerbomb!!

Siying, you MUST try! This friday I will make you drink one!

Weihan’s 8mp phone. Quite good hor? But I have a love-hate relationship with Samsung. That’s me with a Vodka Lime. Bah. So boring.

Jägerbomb Jägerbomb Jägerbomb! Why the hell didn’t I discover this drink sooner?

Vanessa got psychoed by me to come down. She cabbed down at like 1am. Super on! Love ya babe!!

Dancing was almost impossible. Everyone was everywhere. I saw Ben, Benjamin (poly peeps), and Alan and his clique (way back from secondary school). So nice to see familiar faces in a foreign land. =)

This Friday, another date with Phuture. But this time, with more people! So excited.

– – – – –

This song soothes my emotions everytime. Have no idea why.

From Gossip Girl Season 2.

Prom Theme – Fountains of Wayne

Here we are at last
The moment soon will pass
We’ll go our seperate ways
We’ll vanish in the haze
We’ll never be the same
We’ll forget each other’s names
We’ll grow old and lose our hair
It’s all downhill from there

But tonight we’ll reach for the stars
We’ll rent expensive cars
And dream our dreams
Of a perfect night
And we’ll sing our prom theme

Here we are at last
We’re running out of gas
The air is getting thick
The girls are feeling sick
We’ll pass out on the beach
Our keys just out of reach
And soon we’ll say goodbye
Then we’ll work until we die

But tonight we feel like stars
We’ll play our air guitars
Cause we’re eighteen
It’s a perfect night
To sing our prom theme

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