Singapore is 44!


That’s twice my age. The last time I was present as audience was exactly 11 years ago when Singapore was 33. That time was for all primary 5 students to watch the preview. It takes 11 years to be back again as an audience.

Well, better than never right?

Other than that, I was involved in the choir performance along with my fellow choir mates back back in secondary school. Now that it’s no longer held at the Padang or the National Stadium, I was really looking forward to celebrating Singapore’s birthday at Marina Bay.

I was just fretting over not being able to watch the NDP this year cos I didn’t go get the tickets. And then, Charles gave us free tickets to the preview. Woohoo! Shiokness!

It got me excited for 2 whole weeks before the preview.

Show starts at 5.45pm. Admission at 4pm. Queues gathered at 3.30pm.

That’s how you queue the Singapore way.

I wanted very much to wear red but I wore white instead.

We were in the yellow sector, right behind the red (aka the VIP). How do people get the VIP seats? Also not MP or PM. Oh! Maybe there were family members of the parliament.

There were personalised service too. Some guys bought ice-cream and soya bean for the kids in the VIP section. Tsk.

But oh well, we got the good seats for camwhoring. Flyer just behind us.

The night before same morning, I didn’t sleep cos of overnight mahjong. The one where a friend was a suspected H1N1 potential. 11pm to 7am, 4 rounds, is no joke. Had quick breakfast and took a power nap till noon before rushing for lunch and meeting the other couple.

Had very bad eyebags and major outbreak. All thanks to Photoshop. My saviour.

Red nails.

I made some donations to some community thingy.

Unlike the family in front of us. They shooed away the people who went round collecting the donations.

According to the ushers, the first row of each block of seats were meant for old people who aren’t as agile. But this family of 4, all aged below 50, made a fuss to sit there. Before they were been ‘shooed’ away by the ushers, they already warmed the seats. So the ushers lan lan lor. Let them sit there.

Who suffers? US! They never stopped making lots of noises. The dad, the mum, the ignorant school girl and the aunt. It’s effing annoying! Ill-bred girl. Scolded her dad just because he accidentally nudged her arm a bit. Vanessa and I watched in awe as her dad let his daughter scold him freely in public.

Before the show started, there were two boys going around helping the audience take photos and printing them on the spot for free. The family in front of us immediately asked for their photos to be taken. And the aunt asked for her solo shot to be taken after the group shot! Gosh!

Simply doing it the Singapore style man. Way to go, kiasu people.

The worse was they blocked our views. All the way. -_-

At one point of time, the dad the mum and the ignorant girl took out their handphones and cameras and started filming down the parade. Simultaneously.

What’s the point? Seriously. What’s the point?

The red lions. We had to wooo-yeah when they parachuted down.

Story of Sang Nilah Utama and his founding of Temasek. Mark Lee and Suhaimi Yusof were hilarious!

I skipped a lot of photos in between. Photos up on Facebook.


Luckily no one  held it the wrong way.

The next few photos are the fireworks. Tried in both fireworks and high sensitivity modes. Turned out high sensitivity was nicer.

Fireworks shot failed.

Looks like gold glitter been thrown onto us.

The show ended before 9pm. Thought the exiting would be a headache but it wasn’t that bad afterall.

Thanks babe, again for the tix! *HUGE grin*

I personally enjoyed the parade this year despite not watching them on TV every year. The excitement kicked in only in 2008 and am really glad I had a chance to watch it in 2009.

It would be so much better if they had more national days songs. Yet, Home was sufficient. =)

Had supper at Chinatown. HK styled steamed fish. Shiokness. 13 bucks only. Wanna go back for more!

– – – – –

Updates on Casper.

He’s been nasty lately. Not eating his food just because we aren’t playing with him. *Grrrr* Such an attention seeker.


This large dolphin toy was the one I won in Genting’s amusement park. We won it with just one RM 2 token. Proudly named it 1 dollar.

Casper likes 1 dollar. =)

Compare the size.

That’s 1 dollar’s tail.

This one time, I caught him crossing over to the table from the sofa looking for food. Tsk.

Bad boy, Casper. Bad!

Say hi, Casper!

“Mummy, I need a new haircut soon.”


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