Soon-to-be foodlog

Alex commented that my blog has turned into a foodlog. Lol. That’s cos I have almost nothing else to blog about. It’s all about food, Casper and nothing else.

Oh wait. Maybe I can blog about Vanessa’s birthday but anyway photos are up in Facebook. Or I can blog about my virgin brazilian waxing experience which I’ll be doing on Friday with Kaixin. Doubt there will be any photos of the process. Lol.

Shall see.

Alright. Food pics.

From Kaari family @ Lot One.

Not so bad considering it’s only $4.90 for student. Comes with free drink. You get to choose from 3 types of curry. I just didn’t like the Japanese curry. Tasted way too different from the one I cooked.

Sides. Cheese chicken wings and fries. Nothing fantastic.

Next up, teochew porridge. Damn it. I’m having craving again!

Can you believe all these plus 2 porridge cost only slightly over 5 bucks? 2 meat, 1 fish, 1 veggie.

And it’s so good I almost wanted more servings. This is from Beauty World Plaza.

Daily dosage. Shiokness.

Open happiness =)

Oh ya. The seventh month starts today. I shall stay away from horror films for the time being. I just get more paranoid during this period. And yes, don’t stay out late or go back late. Don’t turn your head when you hear someone calling you from behind.

Wahahaha damn it. The girls and I were just talking about some ghost encounters and stories on Van’s birthday. We were all freaking each other out. The topic came up when we were discussing about Where Got Ghosts the movie. It was funny like hell. The mother from Money No Enough 2 super adorable.

Nothing else to say. Good night.


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