It’s a 1 for 1 affair

Thanks to Zoe, I had my virgin brazilian waxing done at a discount. A generous 1 for 1 discount. I called up Kaixin and asked her if she wanted to go with me.

Next thing you know, we started planning for that very Friday.

She had already done it before elsewhere though so it’s actually quite exciting for me. Didn’t know what to expect. I asked  lot of girls who have done it before and while most of them said it’s painful, I hoped very strongly it wouldn’t hurt as much as what they said.

Haha. Self delusion? Maybe.

But anyway, the outlet I went to was really small. The girl led me to the bathroom to bathe myself. I was out in no time. Somehow I knew another customer was waiting outside the bathroom, and boy was I right.

The girl who did the waxing for me didn’t do much to relax me. I was relaxing myself. Before I knew it, she was doing her thing.


Without any warning at all.


But it wasn’t that painful. Tolerable would be how I described it. Definitely better than injection and whatsnot. Pull out better than poke in right?

I was done in just 10 minutes. That was it. And I was outside waiting for Kaixin.

Aftermath. I felt no difference after it was done. Only not used to the clarity everytime I go to the bathroom. LOL.

Then after the waxing, we went for Swensen’s 1 for 1 lunch. Shiokness can? Total bill only 20 bucks.

Kaixin’s Aglio Olio. Tasted quite nice. But I still preferred Delifrance.

My Sambal Grill Fish. I have no freaking idea how many times I’ve eaten this.

And it still tasted good.

We went shopping around for her dress to wear on her sister’s wedding after lunch. But the thing about girls, we shop with no motive at all. Even when we do, we end up buying things we didn’t intend to get in the first place.

-_- What to do?

I ended up buying this pair of heels from Mphosis because they were on sale!

Super looking forward to wearing it! But when? I don’t even go out that much. Haiz. Since when have my girls seen me in heels in school? Maybe to clubbing? *huge grin*

Kaixin wanted it too. But there wasn’t her size. She managed to find it at another outlet and she bought it too! OMG so excited!

And I bought another bag too. It’s my erm… fourth bag in a month’s period. Die. So dead.

I get really sensitive with the word SALE. It’s hard not to splurge cos you can save so much! Especially if it’s Mphosis! The process of shopping is pure shiokness. But the aftermath is not. Let’s wait for my credit card bills.

Time to crack open my piggy bank for extra cash. LOL.

Oh ya, and not forgetting, Kaixin still didn’t buy her dress after trying on so many kinds. Why can’t we find something when we need it?!

Tsk tsk. Must reflect.

An abrupt end to this post. I love this song!



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