Movie galore

Been watching a lot of movies lately. I mean a lot! Be it watched in cinemas or downloaded.

In random order.

McDull Kung Fu Kindergarten

This Hong Kong cartoon is like the cutest ever. Search for McDull in Youtube and see for yourself.

The Proposal was funny like hell! Seriously! It reminded me of Four Christmases. In my opinion, it was as funny as Four Christmases. I enjoyed BOTH of them so much I have to download them again! But sadly, I still can’t get FC yet. Wonder why.

Jack Neo is the best. He didn’t forget to add on a tinge of funny element into this movie.

Watched in 3D! Cute! Made me feel like getting a guinea pig but I’m sure it would scare Casper.

Caught this after the review caught my interest. It’s not like any typical alien movies where they come to invade earth.

Seriously, this animation is one of the best ever. It made me cry buckets! Lots of life lessons to be learnt.

One word. Outtathisworld! Hahaha. Is Las Vegas really like that? I mean, for real?

*Drools* Channing channing channing. Makes my tummy churns. So *sssszzzz* hot!

Really liked this movie. Very interesting. Life’s a game, isn’t it? But you’re in it for real.

And some older movies.

What’s with Matthew McConaughey as the ultimate flirt? This show and the next, he’s both a super confident guy who thinks he can get any girl he wants. Hmmm.

I don’t like Kate Hudson. Neither do I like MC. Somehow I was bored. But this movie was really nice. Want to make a guy leave you? Lol. Watch this. Kate Hudson is doing just the right ways.

Randomly downloaded this movie. Quite nice actually. Especially the pig. Lol.

That’s it for now. Until I’m free to blog properly. So many photos to share. =)

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