I got so angry I wanted to cry

Sometimes, I see myself in a situation where I cannot speak up to defend myself or for someone. Simply because I’m the ‘outsider’ and a minor as compared to the involved parties.

It’s frustrating when you know some things are right but yet you can’t speak up because of one word: respect.

It’s more frustrating when you see some innocent one being attacked verbally and not being able to speak up for him.

How can anyone be that fucking insensitive and unreasonable?

Don’t you see it’s fucking raining? Don’t you know to cycle from Yew Tee to Bukit Batok in such a short time can be very tiring? Don’t you see the cyclist is damn shagged out upon arrival? Don’t you see it at all?

Why the ability to shoot him off with such nasty comments without even showing a least bit of concern? When everyone of us present can totally feel his exhaustion, all you saw was him taking a breather and yet interpret it as showing attitude.

“Why did you come when you are not coming here to eat? You came all the way just to sit down? Might as well go home!”


It’s the most insensitive and irritating comment I’ve ever heard!

Then why didn’t you initiate to pick him up in the first place? Don’t fucking make such comments after he has put in effort to turn up for a dinner. How could you be so cruel? You just shoot your mouth off without sensing if your words could hurt him.

By saying that, you don’t fucking appreciate his effort for coming down by cycling! By saying that, you don’t fucking care whether his safety is at stake! By saying that, you just make more people hate you!

And I’m right about everything. All the things I heard about you before I even met you just proved how bad a person you are. As a man, as an elder, as a father!

You don’t deserve any respect.

I’m shameful to say this, but you’re worse off than my dad!

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