Mum’s back from UK

Damn it! I actually forgot that she was going to Paris so I didn’t manage to ask her to get me some branded stuff back because it’s so much cheaper there! *bang head* Goodbye LV. Goodbye Dior. Goodbye Longchamp.

But she did buy me a handbag (another new bag! LOL) and a bangle. Wah seh I was impressed. Her taste definitely got better after going on more trips. Lol. A few years ago she bought me this Armani handbag that I didn’t like at all. So she kept it for herself but it was just stashed aside for the longest time ever.

She bought like hundreds of other souvenirs back for relatives and colleagues. Loads chocolates, biscuits, cakes and keychains that shout “United Kingdom!”. You know, with a BOOMS! πŸ˜€ Apart from that, she bought this special peanut butter that her tour friends were all raving about. I haven’t tried it so I can’t comment how great it is.

She also bought church-related items. I just felt like I should start going back to church once again, if I’m not so lazy. But the thought of traveling to church kinda bores me. I’ve been taking the same route to school at least for half my life already (primary school, poly and uni now). I don’t even wanna see the same place on Sundays. But then again, somewhere inside me is guilty for not going to church.

And then she came back with 970 photos from her 2-week trip. We spent 1 hour going through them with her as our live commentator.

Dad bought BBQ stingray and sambal kangkong for dinner too. It was like a family reunion celebration. Lol.

I was glad Mum didn’t nag about the house cos obviously my sister and I have been doing our part in keeping the house clean and tidy.


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