Of dome and a kuku camera

So I was out with Mum on Monday morning (!!) to town cos Mum was complaining of back pains so she wanted to see her doctor. I have no idea what’s with clinics in town but their waiting time is always damn long even when there aren’t many patients at all. -_- So the whole waiting time was almost an hour before Mum could get her consultation.

That wasn’t it. She was told to go get her X-ray done (thank God it’s at the same building, just a different level) and then to bring back the X-ray film for further diagnosis. However, we had to wait 45 minutes for the X-ray film so we went for lunch first.

Was at Shaw Centre, by the way, so we just loitered around Scotts Isetan and discussed what to eat. I wanted to get something cheap upstairs at the cinema floor but there weren’t any empty seats so brought Mum down to the restaurants instead. She decided on Dome after going round and round.

The food standard wasn’t bad though, considering the last time I dined there was more than a decade ago when I was a kid. It was rather nice imho.

I ordered my Grilled Beef Striploin at medium-rare and it was grilled to perfection.

Yummy black pepper sauce and definitely had to order vegetables for the sides. Good for health! Lol.

Mum ordered a Breaded Fish Fillet.

The Caesar salad was damn refreshing! And damn it, the potato wedges were crispy like chips!

I swear even though I was bloated after finishing the steak, I still had to savour every piece of the wedges. *Crisp crisp*

Oh yes, the kuku camera I have right, is really downright kuku. First, the date and time always runs faster than me doing the 2.4km so I always have to adjust it before I take a photo (cos the date and time is important to me). Second, the shutter is behaving slower than my 92-year-old grandmother. It just takes forever to take a proper shot without having to focus multiple times and not responding when I press hard on it.

Gosh. And what’s worse, none of my friends with Sony cameras have this problem except me! -_- I swear my camera hates me despite me taking good care of it.

I show you how it hates me.

Here’s my Mum smiling for the camera. Obviously the photo is taken by me (with much difficulty however I managed to get hold of its cranky moments and properly operating it).

Here a photo of me (taken by my mum cos she doesn’t know how to manipulate the kuku camera) blurry and totally out of pose cos I posed for the camera but the camera just wouldn’t shoot despite my mum pressing on it properly.

So kuku, the camera.

Uber sianness.

I swear my face is not the issue for having a bad photo. It’s the camera. Or my mum just doesn’t know how to take photos. Lol.

Cos I can camwhore as per normal though. I just need to know when the camera is acting cranky. It’s like a living thing sometimes, you know?

And my mum says she will only buy me things that I want after next April. -_- Sad. Cos I seriously need a new phone and a camera. Blame it on the ‘trend’ for things to spoil. I just can’t wait to work so I can just get things I want without having to ask from my mum.


Anyway, we went back to collect the X-ray stuff and back to the doctor’s. Everything seems fine though. My mum’s back pains were probably due to stress and improper posture. Oh well.

Next up, we went shopping. Shiokness! Shopping with mum means one thing. She pays.

Lol. Well, not everything. This time I bought another pair of shoes (damn it! I couldn’t control myself again) from Mphosis and I insisted I paid for it myself. I even wanted to buy her something but she didn’t want anything.


That reminds me. I finally got to wear the Mphosis heels I got with Kaixin on Hazel’s wedding (another post next time).

Damn nice! Gosh! I want to wear it again!

Then we got ourselves some hand and foot creams from Crabtree and Evelyn.

And plus, we snacked alot. Pretzels, breads, ice cream. Totally skipped dinner. But had supper. Lol.

It was a great day hanging out together.

Time for bed. Gotta meet the girls for K session in the noon. And the funny thing is I’ve lost my voice. -_- I shall either make my voice go completely broken or quietly sit in and listen to their concert 😀


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