Ok I changed my mind

I would rather get a phone that seems pretty nice and extremely user-friendly and of course with good reviews, than getting one that is pretty but yet the brand has failed me before.

After one big round, I’m back to choosing a Nokia. Hmmm reviews say the E71 is the best business phone ever created by Nokia. But I’m getting the improved version instead, the mighty E72.

Alright. I haven’t got it yet but I’m pretty sure I would like it. It would take some getting used to with the qwerty but Vanessa assured it’s gonna be really easy to get used to it. 🙂

And what’s even better? Surfing the net is even faster with this phone, according to reviews. Plus, the navigation key acts as a scroll. I can just swipe my thumb up and down to view the pages. Shiokness!

I’m pretty excited cos this phone isn’t expensive at all and my plan has ended. Woohoo! I just gotta arrange a time to get it.

Now my dilemma is which colour should I get? The black will never go wrong but the Topaz Brown looks really pretty. But the problem is, I’m gonna g-mask the phone after I get it so I hope the designs of the mask wouldn’t clash with the overall colour.

Ok now I really can’t wait to get it.


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