Tsuen Wan Pavilion

Was out with Mum at Chinatown cos she wanted to do facial so we went for lunch at my cousin’s roast stall at 91 Keong Saik Road. It’s just behind Chang Cheng Porridge if you know where.

Ku ku me didn’t even know it’s behind despite eating CC Porridge before. -_-

And you can see a photo of him with Jackie Chan at the front of the stall. Lol.

Look at the fat juicy chickens and ducks and char siews!!

They are the reasons why I can’t be a vegetarian.

Ok this photo doesn’t show justice to the superb taste of the food. I was in a hurry to dig in so I forgot to take a photo. When I remembered, it was already after I dug in. Lol. I added chicken to my share on top of the roast meat and they gave me a chicken wing. Such pleasant surprise 🙂

It was actually my first time eating at his stall. Previously I just got my mum to pack back for me or only get to eat it during family gatherings and my cousin would bring some over from his stall.

What I love about the roast meat is that the skin remained crispy even after my mum packed it for a few hours before she got home. Goodness. The meat was succulent and juicy I could eat it on its own without any gravy. And they have this mustard sauce to go with the roast meat. I ate it once and fell in love with it! It’s as if eating fries with mayo but better! Lol.

Go try! Definitely will not disappoint. 5 stars!


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