To end off 2009

Wow! It’s been a year already? That’s really fast. I’m glad I’m able to get this post done before the new year. So here is the list that summarizes my life in 2009.

Rediscovered the importance of kinship.

Had a new look.

Almost lost Casper due to a fishball he stole.

Explored Marina Barrage with the awesomest friends who saw me through the rough periods.

Wanted a tattoo.

Witnessed how my uncle battled with cancer and eventually lost the war.

Found my soul mate of from 10 astonishing years ago!

Had loads of fun with Casper and Raydon at Sentosa.

Liked school.

Was no longer deprived of good food.

Got back my clubbing freedom! Woohoo!

Made my first oreo cheesecake and it turned out fantabulous.

Visited Marina Barrage a second time with the same awesome people.

Had a complimentary oo-la-la massage with BFF that made me tingling for more.

Spent loads of time with the girls, be it for projects or gatherings. Loves!

Got hooked onto Sims 3.

Made a new furkid friend, Lollipop. Which made Casper extremely happy.

Traveled to Kukup and Genting.

Fun time with Siying and Sulian at Phuture.

Celebrated Singapore’s 44th birthday at NDP preview and realised how patriotic I can be.

What can I say about this? Bought many more pairs of heels. Not guilty as before since it’s never too many 🙂

Had a virgin waxing experience and I swore to go for more! Will have more, BFF!

I found my calling for furkid grooming.

Tried to defy age and acted young with the cleopatra bangs.

First experience being a ‘jie mei’ for Hazel’s wedding. And expecting more opportunities in future.

Bought a new phone, Nokia E72.

Neglected Casper’s lifetime medication for months and had to bring him for check up that left his arms looking like feather dusters.

Got a part time job with lovely and crappy colleagues and bestest manager and nice bosses.

Mad delicious roast stall at Chinatown! Please support 🙂

Christmas dinner with the poly peeps and RMIT peeps.

Put my heart and soul into loving the people around me.

A lot more memories that I didn’t blog about but will forever be remembered.

That’s all for 2009.

Happy 2010, people! Hope you guys are healthy and may you earn big bucks in the coming year!!


2 thoughts on “To end off 2009

    1. I realised it’s not really complete cos I didn’t blog about a lot of things. But overall 2009 was a great year! And definitely looking forward for a better 2010 🙂

      Happy new year, Mandy!


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