Mummy dear active and kicking

Mummy was admitted to the hospital for her Arthroscopic Lateral Release operation. It is to loosen the tight tissue at her kneecap to ease her walking. According to her, walking can be slightly painful when strength is exerted. As well as when she wants to sit on the floor with her legs straighten.

Thus, the operation.

She was scheduled for the operation on Thursday morning so we drove her down to ‘check in’ at 7am. And I stayed with her all the way til 2pm. Considering the fact there’s almost nothing to do outside the operating theatre, I managed to survive the agony of waiting.

The moment she was pushed out the theatre, she was slightly awake but still groggy and all. She could murmur a few words every now and then. After the anaesthesia wear off, she could speak in proper sentence but still groggy. She kept puking due to the after-effects of the anaesthesia. Couldn’t take her lunch which was fried fish bee hoon soup. She took half a piece of fish and puked some more =(

I left at 2pm to meet Vanessa in town.

That night, I sobbed like a baby because I missed my mummy. Was worrying she would feel lonely in the hospital too.

I couldn’t visit Mummy the next day due to work. But she kept me updated through text that she was feeling better and all. That evening, my sister came to fetch me from work and went for dinner at Ikea. Poached salmon, chicken wings and 30 meat balls! It’s utter shiokness!

So this morning she was discharged and we went to fetch her home. She could walk like normal and was definitely more cheery than usual. Lol. Kept talking to her doctor.

And now we’re home having a dinner together. =) Happiness.

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