CNY Day 1

It’s Day 1 today and also V day. I don’t really celebrate V day cos it’s V day everyday as long as you’re with your loved one. Cheesy, I know but it’s true. Lol.

I’m dressed in red, paired with my 5 inches heels, and all prepared to go visiting. It was a challenge trying to walk in those heels. Shiokness man.

What’s worse is my period came today. Nice. Good luck? Oh well. I didn’t even touch mahjong today. It’s CNY for goodness sake. But no gambling for me. Thanks to the monthly bloat.

I haven’t really took many photos but shall post them up when I’m free. Currently blogging from my phone so can’t upload the photos from my camera. Just wanna rant. Lol.

Alright people. Happy chinese new year!


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