Bai nian at Ann’s

Ann invited a few of us to her place to bai nian on Sunday. But some couldn’t make it so it was Shirlyn and I. Woah! The rest definitely missed out a great deal of good food.

What’s best. It’s home-cooked!

Because by the time we arrived, half the food was consumed already. And we couldn’t wait any longer to dig in so photos were only taken after our lunch. That’s why the food looks like they were finishing. =)

Fried bee hoon and Hokkien mee.

Beef stew! And sea cucumber with mushroom with pork.

Curry chicken. This is so good!

This is even better. Ann’s aunt’s specialty roast pork! The skin was still crispy even after hours. Goodness.

Ann cooked this. Cereal butter prawns. Yummy! Must steal the recipe from her.

Chap cai.

And also fried nian gao.

She made us feel so at home, with all the personalised serving and pouring of drinks. Lol.

Had great fun chatting with the girls. So much has changed since I quit (and it’s just a few days). Now that I’ve left, I’m sure gonna miss them loads! =( It’s them who makes working so much fun.

Thanks for the invite, darling!


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