Why Casper go cut hair like never cut one?

So I sent Casper for grooming. This is the first time I let the groomer come to my place and fetch him to the pet shop without me bringing him there personally. I specifically told the groomer what style I wanted him to cut. I wanted puppy cut (read: short) and showed him a photo of Casper with the ideal fur cut. I even mms-ed him the photo in case he forgot.

He summarised my expectations and even told me ‘sure no problem’.

But when Casper came back (10 hours later), I realised it was just a simple trim. Like nothing much was cut. I psycho-ed myself that they kept his fur long cos Casper’s too skinny to maintain a short style.

I’m not doubting the groomers’ skills because they have had delivered satisfactory results that’s why I stick to them now. It’s like getting your hair cut at your most trusted hairdresser’s and letting them work their magic scissors. Cos they should know what hairstyle suits your face shape and all. It’s probably just Casper being too skinny no matter how much I feed him. Like mother like son, eh?

This is him before grooming. Took the pic that very morning before the groomer came to pick him up.

His right profile.

And his left.

Then I waited 10 agonising hours for him to come back. Couldn’t imagine how paranoid I became when Casper wasn’t around. I kept having the thought that he was never coming back cos the groomer lost him or someone would steal him from the shop.

I also thought the groomer might be too busy and accidentally injure him in some way or another.

I was also afraid that Casper would be stressed out with other dogs around, especially in a new environment. Cos Casper is a home dog afterall. I hardly even bring him down for a walk. He would run away when another dog comes near.

So when the groomer finally showed up at 8.30pm at the door, I was thrilled to see my baby in the carrier, excited to get out.

When he jumped into my arms, I knew I was just worrying too much.

See how happy he is!

*Pui* Make me worry whole day but he was out having fun leh!

He came back a girl. And here’s why.

Not only his hair wasn’t short, the groomer plaited his hair.

Like this.

OMG so pretty. But Casper is a boy leh!

Luckily he used yellow instead of pink.

Here’s him being tired after having fun the whole day.

– – – – –

Now let’s play Spot the Dog game.


One thought on “Why Casper go cut hair like never cut one?

  1. That’s a shame that they didn’t do the haircut you wanted. They should do exactly what you specify unless they are concerned for your dog’s health or safety (mainly matting) and even then that should be discussed before they take them. Next time tell them in inches how short you want it. That should guarantee the right cut. “Puppy” cuts mean different things to different people so always make sure to give specific instructions. Either way Casper is adorable!


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