Grandma’s 77th birthday

I swear I almost forgot I’ve got a blog. It’s like I’m updating Twitter so often that the blog is almost unnecessary to update. But I’m just glad I still have photos of random food to talk about.

It’s gonna be another foodlog. My life would be so mundane if not for the good food.

This year for Grandma’s birthday, it was slightly disappointing cos there weren’t lots of food. Maybe cos there were too much leftovers during CNY that’s why no one dared to prepare too much.

Yam thingy and chicken.

Duck with mei cai.

The same yam thingy. I don’t eat this.

Roast chicken and black pepper roast chicken.

Fried noodles.


Another yam thingy.

Gosh. Boring, isn’t it? The first birthday dinner of my Grandma’s that’s so disappointing. =(

– – – – –

Went to collect my pay with Li Si last Tuesday and then proceeded to find Ann for lunch.

We had lunch at Taka’s Central restaurant.

Milk tea, ribena soda and coffee with red beans.

The look so nice but taste so normal 车仔面.

Super awesome fried chee cheong fun.

Look so normal but taste pretty good fish and chips with mango mayo.

Seafood baked rice.

I actually ordered a fish baked rice and the photo looked exactly the same as the seafood one so posting 1 is enough. =)

Spicy fried chicken wings.

Yummy 杨枝干露.

After lunch was shopping at Far East. Ann went back to work swiftly after lunch so it was just Li Si and me.

And so, I bought another pair of shoes. Wedges, this time. That Li Si psycho-ed me to get a pair cos the 2nd pair is 50% off. Bah! Why did I succumb to temptations??

– – – – –

Had a dinner at New York New York.

I can’t remember the name but it’s some cheese hashbrown thingy. It’s pretty good but too much cheese can be boring.

Ribs. Nothing special except the meat was really tender.

My grilled dory with some special sauce that I didn’t really think it was special. It was just butter.


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