Universal Studios Singapore®

So… I’ve got tickets to USS for Sunday. FOC! Awesomeness!

The last time I went to USS was with my mum and aunt who gave up walking after awhile. And we didn’t even complete 1/4 of the place.

That’s why I was really excited about this second trip down cos the rides have already started. I even hurried to get a new camera because of this. (Now I’m a proud user of the Panasonic Lumix!) I was really looking forward to taking the 2 most challenging rides at USS.

We even planned it nicely. We would take breakfast first, something light, to warm our stomachs. And because I was having bad tummy problems the past few days I didn’t even dare take something too heavy. Fish soup was my choice.

Nobody in their right minds will challenge their body immediately after a meal by taking the confirm-will-vomit-after-food ride. So we took it slow. We went sight seeing first at Madagascar.

Once you enter, you will see HOLLYWOOD. We didn’t stay for long because we would make one round and end up at Hollywood too at the end of the day so we went to our first stop, MADAGASCAR.

I kept having the impression that Woody is bugs bunny + daffy duck, except he’s blue and is a redhead. And Po is such a sweetheart. So many fans queuing up to take a photo with him. Could only take a photo of him from afar.

But we did queue up to take photo with Frankenstein though. He’s like really huge! Look at his shoes man! At least 4 inches high. Mai siao siao leh. He also wears platform ok?

The previous night I wished to all gods of the skies that there wouldn’t be rain. My wish did come true. The burning sun was out instead. And seriously burning!

We were already perspiring when we were at Madagascar. And it’s only the beginning.

Merry-go-round + a nice little beachy shelter for people to sit and rest. There’s a Gloria’s snacks bar nearby too. You know, the hippo Gloria?

Next up, FAR FAR AWAY.

I wanna meet Shrek I wanna meet Shrek I wanna meet Shrek!!

We went for the Shrek 4D Adventure ride. So fun! We also took some mini rollercoaster ride, Enchanted Airways. Nothing scary.

Then we walked on to THE LOST WORLD. And watched the water show full of stunts and explosives at the Waterworld.

That blonde stunt woman is hot. The seats were categorised into 3 sections: Soak zone, half-wet zone and dry zone. We sat at the soak zone. We didn’t get soaked during the show due to the stunts and all but the stuntmen came up and warmed us up with few buckets of water splashed directly at us. Nice. So if you were planning to take photos, please sit at the back.

Jurassic Park was one of my most remembered movie when I was a kid. The most scary part to me was when the two kids were hiding in the kitchen and the dinosaurs somehow were smart enough to open the kitchen door. Scared the hell outta me man.

We took this ride, Rapids Adventure, which cocked up when nearing the end which was also the climax.

I so hate it that I was stuck on the boat with 7 other chinese foreigners. Rowdy bunch of people.

The last photo shows all the boats that were stuck behind us. We were the first boat that got stuck. And it was highly possible that the 7 men caused the technical fault cos they just couldn’t sit still. They kept shaking the boat! Pissed off.

So end up, the technicians came and we had to leave the boat by climbing out. Then we were each given an express ticket (to cut the queue) for any ride. A pity it started raining towards the end and we couldn’t use it.

We kinda walked backwards to Far Far Away for photo taking and also to re-take some rides that Ace didn’t take.


It’s good we walked back cos Fiona and Shrek were out for photo taking! WOOHOO!

There was a queue but it was worth it cos Fiona is really pretty! I don’t care if it’s a wig or heavy makeup. She’s just damn pretty. I mean the real-life one, not the cartoon.

Ace purposely stood beside her. The top photo was taken by my camera, the bottom was by his. And we were separated from Fiona. -_-

We re-took the 4D ride. The effects were so good. Really enjoyed it. Felt like a kid once again. HA! And that’s the 3 little pigs and Pinocchio being captured by Lord Farquaad.

After that, we walked back to The Lost World and decided to try out Rapids Adventure again. When it comes to water rides, I never fail to wanna try them. So I gave them a second chance, hoping nothing goes wrong this time.

I swear it was definitely worth the second chance!

We all got wet but Ace was literally half drenched. Look at his jeans.

It was break time.

We utilised the $10 food voucher and got ourselves a hot dog to share. The turkey thigh was shared among the 3 of us. Was quite surprised the hot dog baguette tasted pretty good.

Next, we proceeded back to the Waterworld to catch the water show again with Ace.

And then, it started drizzling. So we went to ANCIENT EGYPT take the indoor Mummy ride. Another ride I thought was really awesome. Dark rides never fail to scare me.

Managed to get a few photos before it started pouring heavily.

We ran to the nearest indoor restaurant for shelter. The restaurant was actually closed but the staff were very nice to let us in for shelter.

I was fascinated by the chandeliers. Plus, I was testing out the different modes of my camera. I didn’t add those sparkles with photoshop. They were captured by my camera. Turned out pretty good. 1st pic: image stabilizer in low-light scene. Amazes me. 2nd: pin-hole effect. 3rd pic: film grain effect. Brings out the vintage feel.

The rain didn’t stop nor did it get smaller. Apparently, my prayers were only heard halfway. =( But we decided to brave the thunderstorm and move on to the next stop before we miss out on any other rides.

I had an umbrella, which the 3 of us squeezed together. At one point of time, the USS staff came to us and helped shelter us to another place with a bigger umbrella. Impeccable service, I must say. I can’t brag enough how homely I felt at USS because of the staffs’ friendliness and initiative. More on that later.

Here we are are SCI FI CITY. The stop where the 2 most exciting rides (Battlestar Galactica Cylon & Human) were at. But it was raining, damnit!

As you can see it was pouring pretty badly that people were in ponchos and raincoats. I can’t stop smiling at the little kid in the blue raincoat. He looks like a little blue ghost going on his trick-or-treat visits.

We ran to NEW YORK CITY which was, fortunately, sheltered all the way. And we took our time to take pictures of the buildings. I already took some the previous time I was there.

Nothing much to rave about. I just wonder if the buildings are empty inside. Are the interior actually of any use?

Managed to take the palace of Far Far Away and the ship of Madagascar. You gotta love wide angle lenses.

We took one more ride at New York City. It was called Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. Another wet ride that we chose to be at the wet zone since we were already drenched from the rain.

Top left: So pretty woman scene. That’s our very own Julia Roberts and Richard Gere on the bench. Some random strangers though. Bottom left: That’s Ace trying to open the door that leads to no-one-knows. Just trying to clear our doubts about whether the interiors of the buildings are in use.

Last stop for the day. HOLLYWOOD.

The classic movie theatres, drive-in bistros and vintage cars.

Loads and loads of merchandise here but we didn’t have time to go through all of them.

This marks the end of the visit.

When we were nearing the exit, I saw the USS staff all lined up into 2 rows and waving their hands and smiling to everyone walking out, wishing that we all had fun and have a nice day. Where to find such friendly people??? You know machiam like wedding dinners, the hosts and family members stand at the exit to thank their guests for coming. Exactly like that! All of them are so spontaneous and fun-loving. They are attentive as well. They would gladly offer to help us take a photo or offer us some directions when we were lost or even shelter us from the rain like our very own personal assistant.

USS, you never disappoint me. I will be back for more very soon!


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